Basketball highlights

We must first recognize the {SHOES}... I'm not sure that they made him jump higher, run faster, or dribble farther, BUT... they made it impossible to miss him on the court! a special shout-out goes to Cameron for taking the boys shoe shopping and buying Landon ANY pair he wanted!
The months of January and February have been filled with practices and games. And it has been FUN. Fun, because Landon's skills have increased SO SO much. I'm really proud of him. He had a couple games that were rough to say the least. But after a bad game, he rallied, got out his drill sheet, practiced a little more, and by the last game he was taking every shot he could. He made 5 baskets that day (just cuz I'm his mom and I can brag: the score was 15-10, 10 of the points Landon's!). It was so awesome to see him shoot, make it, and look over at us B.E.A.M.I.N.G. If I've said it once... I just love sports because they really can boost a kid's confidence. I'm especially proud of Landon for just getting in there, taking as many shots as he could, and realizing that being good at something takes practice, it's not enough to want to do it. You have to stick with it and do the drill over and over again, until you play the way you want to.
Despite my highest ISO setting and my flash, I had a hard time getting great shots of Landon... so you'll have to forgive the photography. I thought this picture was cool anyway:
sweet baby, girl!
Michael Jordan sticks his tongue out; Landon just opens his mouth

tradition: a little 3 on 1 with Dad after the game

I like this picture. Just after Landon shoots, both teams are just staring at the ball waiting for it to go in. Yes! He made it!
another shot he made. camera zoomed in too close to see the basket. ISO up too high to capture the shot. so you gotta take my word for it. He made it.
Getting to the games on time was a little crazy. Saturday mornings are usually slow-paced around here, so getting the kids to get dressed right when they wake up is always a challenge. This day, I looked at Isaac walking out to get a drink and, yes his pants are on backwards. Whose kid is that?!


csmedley8157 said...

Oh, he’s my kid. I have shirts inside out, all the time. I love this boy and two others and girl. Movie Title;
Three boys and a Ella B.

[S Rizzle] said...

This is the first time I really felt like Ella looked like a Perigo! That smile said it all!

shaina said...

Great great pictures!! I loved them all.