Scenes from this weeks Family Night

I DESPISE Daylight Savings Time. I really feel jipped of that hour {every morning for months - it's true, I curse Daylight Savings Time everytime my alram goes off and it's still dark outside!}. BUT, Monday night we really did appreciate a little extra sunshine.

Landon's amazing. From the time he was BARELY three and riding his bike without training wheels and building his own jumps with scraps of wood, he's been a great rider. He hits the jumps head on. He's ready for a bigger motorcycle. I KNOW Cameron's itching to get him one.

Isaac refuses help of any kind, pretty much all the time. He'd rather wear his goggles upside down than let anyone help him put them on.

I love this picture. He refused to get his own sweatshirt; I forgot to grab one for him. Thankfully, Landon wore three jackets and let Isaac borrow this one. I love the boots on the wrong feet and the goggles upside down. It's just a classic picture that describes Isaac's "I'm doing-it-myself or I'm not doing it" determined to do it no matter what kind of attitude.

Austin tears it up out there! Since he's been eating the right foods for his body he's gained F.I.V.E. pounds! He's getting stronger. This is the second time he's been riding that he can hold the bike up for long periods of time. His confidence is building. He's one that knows his limits. He keeps it at first gear but rides strong.

And this little chick-a-dee loves watching the crowd. She hung out here until it got too cold. Then her, I and Isaac turned on the truck and hung out inside, while the boys rode until they couldn't see anymore.
Family Night - the best night of the week


Steph said...

Yay! I'm so glad Austin is gaining weight! What a fun family night, you guys are hard core! ;)

Nancy K said...

Seriously AWESOME.

Colleen said...

So amazing, what an absolutely perfect family night! Can't wait to see you in a month!!!!!!