Flashback Friday

We're not flashing back too far, just to Ella's birthday. I know it's been a while. Her birthday was January 25. We celebrated Januray 24 because we had basketball and Pack meeting on her actual birthday. We had a sweet butterfly birthday party for her. I LOVED the cupcakes, even though they were no where as perfect as the pictures from the book I found them in, Hello Cupcake.

Anyway, in the life of a one year old 2 1/2 months makes a big difference. She's grown up a lot...I can't believe it. Here's some of my favorite POTD's (picture of the day) of her since her birthday.

These next pictures are from the little "photo shoot" I finally got around to doing so I could get some pictures of her at 1. I'm not a pro, by any means, so be forgiving. I'm having a hard time getting her to look at the camera, these days. Also, unless she is trapped on a high place she can't crawl off, I can't get a good pic of her - the girl is all over the place; and LOVES to chase me when I'm on the ground trying to get a picture of her. Oh, and, by the way, I do realize she's wearing pink in EVERY one of these pictures. It drives Cameron crazy, how much pink she wears. I can't help myself, I love it! I tell him - at least she doesn't have a bow the size of her head on all the time. She does wear other colors, but, I guess these pictures are the proof, she's mostly a pink girl. (she was playing peek-a-boo in this picture; I love it!)
"really, Mom? don't you think you got enough already?"

Ella at {ONE}

*she still drools a good amount of the time

*she has a cowlic that makes her hair stand straight up, unless it's confined by a little mini-pony tail....or if I comb it smooth and straight right after her bath it stays down, but then she kinda looks like a boy :)

*she LOVES to dance

*she weighs 21 pounds

*she has 8 teeth

*her favorite food is meat - especially chicken, steak, and roast

*she waves bye-bye and good night, but not hello

*she says "uh-ooo", "all done", "mo" (more), "waz sat?" (what's that? always while pointing to something), "socks", "mama"

*she plays peek-a-boo, unsolicited. She covers her eyes and then peeks out until she sees someone watching her, then she uncovers her eyes and yells, "boo!"

*she started walking at 14 months

*she really likes music - any music - even my annoying voice! she will almost always calm down when I sing to her

*she really, REALLY hates diaper changes

*she loves baths

*she loves putting things in - shape sorters, piling her grocery cart with toys, putting bath toys in the bucket, throwing clothes in the dryer, even a ziploc bag and a handful of cheerios will keep her entertained for long stretches

*she is a blanket SNOB - she HAS to have one of these blankets (we have eight!) to sleep with, no other blanket will satisfy. She wads it up in her hands, finds a corner and sucks on it, when it gets wet she finds another section and does the same thing. If she is tired, she wants her blanky, even in the car. Those things are worth every penny they cost. Trust me. I know they are the reason she has slept so well.

*she still has one bottle a day - at night before bed. Sometimes she goes to bed without one, but then she wakes up in the wee hours of the morning wanting one, otherwise she sleeps well from 7:30pm to 9:00am every day - angel baby

*she follows her brothers around, but always comes back to find me

*I feel like she is a puppy sometimes - crawling around, hanging onto my pants, whining for snacks, it's pretty funny

*she wont leave the stairs alone - loves going up, screams for someone to come get her and bring her back down

*her favorite room of the house is Isaac and Austin's room, if you can't see her, she's there, getting into their lego guys, and other chokables...some days are exhausting, keeping her out of there.

*she's always STARVING when she wakes up from her nap

*she's the only one in our family that EVERYone gets along with ALL of the time... We LOVE her

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Colleen said...

Ella is beautiful and so smart and sounds like a joy! I would dress a little girl in pink all the time too after only boys. :) And the pictures look great. Tommy's not a huge fan of looking at the camera right now too, too busy!