IF I could read ONE person's mind...

...It would be HIS

this boy baffles me...he makes me wonder what he's thinking E.V.E.R.Y. DAY... he teaches me patience - He teaches us ALL patience - Landon gave me a note today; it says, "Heavenly Father knows your tough, He gave you Isaac."

Oh how I love these boys of mine.

Zacky, you are the funnest, most loving, incredible little boy. And you are FULL of PASSION. That's why when you are happy - you are ECSTATIC, and when you are mad - you are ...INSANE...there's just no other word for it! What are we gonna do with you, Crazy Boy?! I wish wish wish I could know what you were thinking so I could figure out a way NOT to set that 'insane passion' off, 'cause you are wearing me out! How does that 3-year old brain work, Little Dude?!


Colleen said...

AMEN! Three-years-old, the most lovable and laughable and bewildering and frustrating of all the ages! Of course...I haven't had a teenager yet. :)

Kasey said...

Kendra, this post in HILARIOUS! I love that top picture. He's so cute... can't believe I don't know him! We've gotta fix that.