We Call Her Linus

See Why?!
Sometimes one blanket isn't enough. So she gets two. I try to keep them in her bed so she only has them for sleeping but the girl won't let them out of her sight. If I do manage to get her out of bed without the blanket, she sneaks back in her room when I'm not looking and steals it out of the crib. If she can't reach it she shrieks until someone gets it for her. She's just happier with her blanket(s). So, why not let her have them? (I wash 2 loads of blankets a week, fyi!! kinda gross to have her drag 'em around. Oh well.) And yes, I really do call her Linus; the name just kinda fits her right now :)


csmedley8157 said...

Oh, Linus...I love you! *Sigh*

shaina said...

Cutie! I'm all for unconventional nicknames!