Isaac is S-I-X

This kid's turn for a special day!  Happy Birthday Isaac!

 Birthday Breakfast!

He asked for a 'Journey to the Mysterious Island' party. This year was a family party year so we spent some time at the BMX race track, came home to watch  the rented movie, ate his requested birthday meal: Lasagna, opened presents and ate cake.  (the cake looks very much like a real volcano, don't you think? ;) )

I love how happy this kid is!

Isaac had been asking for a new scooter for his next birthday since this spring, really, almost on a weekly basis.  At the last minute he changed his mind and decided he wanted a BMX bike.  We found him an AWESOME one!  He was thrilled.  (The next day he decided he had changed his mind and wanted to the scooter instead!  Too late, Buddy.  Put it on your Christmas list) 

A couple other little things to open... this Lego set, he declared, would not loose ANY pieces!

Isaac's personality is so unique.  He has every quality rolled up into one great big personality.  He does things with so much emotion.  He isn't just happy, he's ECSTATIC, he isn't just annoyed, he's ANGRY, he  isn't just sad, his feelings are HURT, he isn't just excited about something he CAN'T WAIT, he doesn't just care he thinks about what he can do to SHOW HE CARES... so much fun to have this boy around and never a dull moment


shauntelle said...

I love his facial expressions in these pictures. You can just see the happiness and excitement on his face. I wish we could just pop over there and tell him happy birthday in person!

Colleen said...

Issac is so full of character! What a special, CUTE boy!