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We made it to the water one more time before the cold settled in. 
We love being on the boat.  Sweet, Isaac made his sister feel better after she jumped fell in. 

We saw our 5th baby for the first time!  Yep! F-I-V-E!  Our last baby will be born sometime around March 10 and we are very excited.  We've had a rough patch - as in a rough 3 months - morning sickness like a monster, placental bleed that led to bed rest and then 'light duty" and migraines.  Things are looking UP now, as long as I rest enough to keep the migraines to a minimum.

Isaac spent the last 5 weeks running track.  It has built his confidence so much!  This day after I picked him up he said, "it was so hard to keep running but I told myself, 'Isaac do you want to be a quitter or a winner?  You just have to keep running!' "

Landon tested in the top 1% of the nation overall in Math and English.  The kid is amazing, that way!
 Ella-girl has been taking dance lessons and LOVES them.  She has a little BFF that she talks about every day.

Austin insisted that his "map assignment" had to be done in a 3D medium.  We made a cake into a map of his imaginary 'Football World'.  He made my day, month, year, when he said, "This is so cool!  Everyone in my class will say it's awesome and I'll say, 'my mom helped me!' and they'll say, 'she's awesome!' "  

Football is in full swing.  Landon plays both offensive and defensive line.  Austin got a little jipped because he broke his finger in a fluke accident at practice, early in the season.  He was bummed!

Landon has been camping like a Mountain Man : Scout Camps once a month.  He's been lucky enough to have his dad with him for three of them.

His first tack meet : He was so proud of himself!  He should have been; he did great!

Our annual Fall Feast was a success!  The kids say this is their favorite "food holiday"!  Landon told me it's better than Thanksgiving.  I like it because it's just a little special family day.

Austin got some good, no, GREAT news!  He can have milk and eggs now!  He is so happy!  Further testing is coming up to see if we can give him soy.

Migraines kind of rule my life.  I'm either fighting them or trying to prevent them.  Ugh!  I tell myself,
'there's a baby at the end of this....' over and over again.  {Sometimes it helps, a little :)  }

~happy anniversary to  us~ We celebrated 13 years! Cameron took us to a french restaurant.  Sounds fancy right?  It was!  And it was good!! Love this guy.

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Cameron Perigo said...

Love you Kendra, you're a great mom and wife. Here's to 13 great years!