A little of this and that

Well I've been spending my days running my kids around, working out, playing outside, running errands, and being a soccer mom - literally - the kids have sports four nights a week so by the time we make dinner rush through eating it, go to t-ball, hockey, or soccer, and then come home, clean up, get the kids in bed, I am exhausted. So blogging has been put on the back burner lately. Here's a few things we've been doing:

I went to Colorado last weekend and leased this:

The picture is one off the internet - I wish you could see it closer but by the time I had made my decision for sure on this house I ran out of time to take my own pictures. But it shows the yard which is really pretty too. The house is just over 2900 square feet with five bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Anyone that wants to come visit can have their own bathroom, bedroom and family room! It has a fenced backyard which I'm happy about - "go play outside, while I make dinner". I'm really excited about the house - FINALLY, we'll have SPACE and a place for everything, say good bye to clutter!!!

Austin gave me a butterfly magnent for Mother's Day and in true Austin fashion took it back from me when I told him how much I loved it. "Actually, Mom it's mine because I want to fly it and it's going to bite you!"

Austin also had his preschool end of the year celebration. We had to go straight from his soccer game and he wouldn't change his clothes. All the kids were dressed up and Austin was in his soccer gear. Gotta love the kid - he's one of a kind and if he wants to show off his soccer uniform then he's going to do it. (I actually could have MADE him change his clothes but why? It made him SO happy to show everyone his shin guards and soccer shirt). This is Austin with his teacher Miss Sabrina.

Landon had his last hockey game yesterday. He loves it. He's made me promise to find out if I can sign him up in Colorado.

Austin and Zac and I went to Landon's "all sports" day. Landon was muddy, wet, and having a blast. He has absolutely loved Kindergarten and I love seeing him there. It's fun to watch him with the kids in his class. He says the funniest things sometimes. Last night he told me I was a "special woman because womans with brown hair and blue eyes are hard to find"!

And here's little Zac. He is just starting to try to crawl. As soon as I sit him on the floor he plops himself onto his tummy and "swims". That's what it looks like he's doing. I'm sure he'll be crawling within the next weeks. He is getting funner and funner all the time. When he doesn't have an ear infection or bronchitis he is the happiest kid I know.
His new favorite food is tomatoes but he only likes them when they're sliced in circles. He holds them like a cracker and sucks out all the insides. He gives me skin only if I give him another tomato slice. It's pretty funny.


Veronica Reeve said...

How exciting! The house looks great. I can't wait to see more pictures. When do you guys leave Iowa?

Hillary said...

I love the house and the yard! Your boys are going to have so much fun! You know life is getting better when you have a TWO car garage! Yeah for you!

Brandy & Boyz said...

How exciting! We dibbs the guest room whenever you tell us it's convenient for you to have us!
Love your pics!

Steph said...

Haha Landon crack's me up! "womans with brown hair and blue eyes are hard to find". That's so exciting that you found a house, it looks like a cute and spacious one. Hope you're having fun, we'll see you in a few weeks! Yay!

Andrea said...

The house looks great, Kendra! I am so excited for you guys! Your boys crack me up- I love each of their personalities!