My 3-year old the GROWN UP

This morning, after a late night, Cameron let me sleep in and got Landon ready for school and took him to the bus stop. So at 8:30 when Austin came into my room and climbed in bed with me I was really surprised that he had slept in so late. Apparently, though, he had been awake for quite a while. He got out the step stool and got the cereal and a bowl down and poured his cereal and milk. Then he "just walked around the house quiet so I didn't wake you up". He came in my room and told me all about his morning and said, "I was really careful Mom. I told myself, 'be careful and don't spill 'cause Moms not here'." And he didn't spill a drop. As soon as I got out of bed, though, he was pouring himself another bowl and spilled it all over the floor - guess he's not growing up too fast!

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Andrea said...

That is adorable! What a nice boy to let you sleep in AND not spill the milk (well, the first time!). I miss you guys- I can't wait to see you Saturday!