It's Austin's Turn

There's the boy!! After two years of watching Landon play sports it's finally Austin's turn. He's been talking about soccer for at least a month. He puts his soccer "gear" on at least once a day and asks to wear his cleats everywhere he goes. He even sleeps in his soccer socks. When he got his shirt he put it on and modeled it. You should have seen him jumping around; so proud of himself.

He's a pretty great player too. He told me he does everything his coaches tell him so he will have skills - pretty funny. I'm glad he finally has a sport to play. This kid has needed something to call his own. Hopefully soccer will help calm the middle child syndrome we've been experiencing lately.

The Spectators:

Isaac's been doing some funny stuff lately.

This is how I find him every time I check on him in his crib I find him with his blanket over his head. I move it and come back to check on him and there it is again - back over his face. He also loves my lip gloss. He got a hold of it the other day and held on for dear life. By the time I took this picture he had been holding for literally an hour. He had an iron grip on it and finally let go sometime during his nap.


Andrea said...

Evan had so much fun watching Austin play! I had to go get him his own red soccer ball because it was all he could talk about.

Austin was so cute out there! I love that he sleeps in his soccer socks!

Kasey said...

Yay for Austin! He looks so cute in his soccer gear.

I thought at first that your lipgloss was a hot dog until I read what you wrote. Pretty funny! I love that he held onto it for so long.

Brandy & Boyz said...

So cute! You are such a busy mom!
I love seeing all the fun you have!
and PS, you were the only other one who got all the baby pics right about my Easter Boys... you know them so well from pics!
I can't wait to see you guys soon and get our boys together!

Spencer & Shayla Smith said...

Way to go, Austin!

Hillary said...

Cute pictures! I finally clued in and found your blog through Jen's. Now Josh can always see pictures of "my Landon" as he would say.