Spring is Here

In Iowa you know it's spring when the tornado sirens start ringing and the ground turns to MUD. Seriously, if we're not in the basement "hiding from the tornado" (like Austin says) we're playing outside and that means lots of cleaning up mud for me.

I took the kids on a bike ride yesterday and Landon decided to go "mountain" biking. Before I could stop him he was off in the mud. His bike got stuck and his shoes sunk 2 inches into the ground. I had to go in after him and dig out his bike and help pull his feet out. It was T H I C K! Luckily, we had a long walk home, dragging the bike (he couldn't ride it because the front tire was stuck with mud), for Landon to stomp the mud off his feet and tires.

(click to enlarge and check out the mud over the front tire)

and isn't he cute?!!


Thorsons said...

We are glad to be outside! Lorili and Gabe beg to go to the park everyday, I hope our last weeks here in Iowa bring nice weather!

teresa said...

kendra!!! i just read your past post to austin. i just cried. you are an amazing mom and i have learned a lot by watching you with your boys. i love you and can't believe your leaving just as we've gotten to know each other better.

Steph said...

Look at the eyes on that kid! What a doll! And Landon is such a funny kid, we can't wait to see you guys soon!

Kasey said...

Gotta love all that mud! What a mess. And Landon's Earth Day shirt is pretty cute. Did they make those at school?

And I'm loving Isaac's hat. He is such a cutie!