Pajama Day

The snow was falling on Monday so the three of us stayed in our jammies, pretended we had nothing to do and hung out... I love these days!
How did all my boys get so lucky to have such great eye-lashes? I just love this boys eyes...

I {LOVE} this crooked smile!

Zac LOVES his blankie. I try to leave it in the crib so he doesn't drag it around everywhere but usually he finds a way to get it out. Seriously, I think Isaac is Houdini sometimes. He can reach his arm through the slats of his crib and twist it around until he reaches his blanket. Then he sits and pulls as long as it takes to get that blanket out of his crib.

There are so many things about Isaac that I just love. He is becoming more independant all the time.

*He just learned how to go down the stairs on his tummy and that really gives him a thrill.
*He will only eat if he has his own spoon and bowl. He'll let you feed him only between his own desperate tries to get the food to stay on the spoon until it gets to his mouth. Ineveitably, he ends up scooping it up with his hands and putting the bowl on his head.
*He loves music. He will dance to any music he hears. He also sings it. Not the words, obviously, but he oh's and ah's just like he was saying the right words.
*He's in that copying stage - where he will repeat anything you say. I love hearing him say new words.
*He love's to hold our hands - not always Austin's but if any of the rest of us hold our hand out to him he grabs a finger and plasters on a grin. We can lead him anywhere that way.
*He LOVES bedtime. When he's tired he finds his blankie and lays on the floor. Then he says, "ni-ni" (night-night) and blows us all kisses.
*He absolutely loves balls. Footballs are his favorite. The other day during Sacrament Mtg. we had to take him out because he kept yelling, "FA- BA!" (football)
*He will climb over anything to get to what he wants, even if he can go around. The kid is a bulldozer. If he wants something he will take out anything in his way.
*I started going to the YMCA (gym) to workout and he DID NOT like it. But, I think he's coming around to the idea. Although, now anytime I say, "I'll be right back."(even if I'm just going into another room of our house) he freaks out a little but usually will yell, "bye-bye" after a while.

Austin loves to play games with Isaac. They are pretty good buds most of the time. I love how brothers play together. Austin can always do something to make Isaac laugh.


shaina said...

That's so sweet. My Kolby has a blankie too. It's amazing the sense of security it offers.

Colleen said...

I wish Luke would get more excited about bedtime like Isaac! I love that picture of him laughing with Austin. Priceless!

runningfan said...

Cute boys! Missed you today at playgroup.

Robs said...

Great pictures! I can't believe how big Isaac is getting. Crazy! Sounds like such a fun day to hang out in your PJ's. I'm with you on the eyelash thing. Why is it always the boys!?!?

[S Rizzle] said...

oh. look at the ps skill! Isaac is getting huge!

Kasey said...

We are having a pajama day at my house too! Although I haven't taken any pictures to capture it... Isaac sounds like he has the cutest personality. Love the pictures of him!

Kerri Whitney said...

It feels like we are having a pajama week here tomorrow will be day 3 of school canceled! I'm not complaining!

Andrea said...

I love that he still loves the blanket we took his newborn pictures with! He is so cute, Kendra- and I can't believe how big he is getting.

Pajama days are the best- we have them quite often here!

Steph said...

Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog. You really are so cool, I'm lucky to have such an awesome sister-in-law. Thanks for the recipes too, I'm totally making them next week! Oh, we also got your thank you card in the mail; that was way sweet of you. You're so good at that kind of thing. Thanks for everything Kendra, you rock!

Steph said...

P.S. I love those pictures of Isaac! What a stud!

shay said...

I can't believe how many teeth Isaac has! Chloe is a Smith and still only has her bottom 2. Spencer's getting nervous that she's going to have problems like Madi! Thankfully he's a dentist!