Baby, You're All Grown Up

It happened to Landon and Austin and I was bound and determined not to let it happen to Isaac but it did. My baby turned into a little boy. It seems to happen over night. Somewhere between 12 and 18 months, they go from sweet snugly babies to independent, "I wanna do it myself" boys.
Luckily, this boy has two big brothers to keep up with and show him the way. He is turning into a wonderful big boy. And he's still got enough baby in him to be just right!

Zac is the best copy-cat around. If the other boys are doing it so is he. I'm pretty sure he thinks he's at least four years old. Nothing stands in the way of doing what his big bros do. For example, tonight after I sent Landon up to take his bath while I cleaned up dinner I heard a splish splash rucous followed by, "Mom!!" {Landon} and then a little louder, "MOM. he he ha ha" {Isaac}. I went up to see Landon in the tub trying to get Isaac, fully clothed and drenched, out of it. That's how it is at our house: If Landon and/or Austin are doing it so is Isaac.
Like when Austin becomes Spidey, Isaac has to be mini-Spidey. And as long as Austin is the black Spider Man he loves to have his little sidekick around. The two of them could dress up like this, do their "moves" and summersaults, all day if I'd let them, and occasionaly I do.

And when we're at the park. Austin has to have at least one "underdog" on the swings every time. So, guess who else screams, "undog" too? Yes, this little dude will not take, "you're too little" for an answer.

Isaac recently discovered the joy of coloring. Every day we get out the crayons and the books and color a page. He even asks for tape so I can tape the paper to the table (it doesn't slide around that way). This kid is all about what he wants to do when he wants to do it. Just enough stubborn in him that when he harnesses it as a grown-up people might say, "he really stands up for what he thinks is right." Just enough stubborn in him as a 20 month old to make a mom grateful for nap time!

This kid who follows me around and un-does what I've just done, always getting into mischief, driving his brothers crazy with his copy-cat ways. This little guy who sticks his head between my legs while I'm making dinner and says, "wuv wo!" The boy that opens his mouth HUGE in imitation of my yawn and laughs like crazy everytime. The kid that waves and yells, "bye bye. Byyyye" to everyone we pass in the grocery store (and almost always gets the "he's so cute" look as they wave back). This is the kid that the big boys love to hug and swing around and tell him, "dance Isaac, dance" just to watch how silly he can be. This is my kid but I think there will always be a part of him that's still my baby. Oh, I just love him!
He turned 18 months in March but here's the stats:
weight 26 pounds 35th %
height 34.25 inches 80th%


Robs said...

I can't believe how big he is. What a cutie!

runningfan said...

Isaac is such a cute kid!!!

Colleen said...

What a doll! He sure is a little sunshine!

Maynards said...

He is a cute little guy. He has great big brothers to follow.

Trinette McCrary said...

Sweet pictures. He sure is a cutie and your a wonderful mom.

Kerri Whitney said...

Wow it truly seems like yesterday he was coming into this world! He is so big...just like Gwyn were did the time go? He is such a cute little man!

Nancy K said...

They do grow up too fast don't they? He is sooo cute!

Kasey said...

Oh he is so cute. Can't believe he has grown up so fast. Has it really been a year since I've seen you? Crazy!