The Last Two Weeks Have Been B-U-S-Y

... And Lots of Fun {and a little stress!!}
Cameron spent this past Thursday - Sunday batchin' it alone while I went to Women's Conference at BYU with some friends. What a good Dad he is and a great husband for giving me some time off. He spent all of Saturday doing this:
...except it was 30 degrees and raining all day. (this picture is from two weeks ago) Landon had two football games and pictures on Saturday. So the guys spent the day in the freezing rain. Cameron said they were covered in mud and grass by the time they got home.
The other days he had to get the kids up, fed, dressed, and out the door to the babysitters and get himself to work {a special shout-out and huge THANK YOU to my friends who babysat}
He did all the work while I had a great time with friends at BYU. We ate {way way way too much}, talked, shopped, walked {and walked!} and listened to great talks. I feel uplifted and revved up to re-commit myself to being a great mom and wife. And doing all the other things I need to do bring myself and my family closer to the Lord. It was a great fun weekend - by no means relaxing, but very fun.
{this is just before the clossing session - a great talk by L. Tom Perry}

We left for the Denver Airport at 4:00 in the morning {i got up at 3:15, ugh!} on Thursday. Just two days after coming home from Ogden. That weekend we drove to Utah Friday afternoon droped off the kids and slept. Drove to Mountain Home, Saturday. Looked at 18 houses in one day. Looked at a few more on Sunday. Drove back to Utah to pick up kids and sleep. And then Drive back to Colorado. WHIRL WIND!! We did spend a little time with these crazies:
Jared and Steph (my brother and his wife)....and we visited with Cameron's parents and mine a little. But mostly our trip was for the purpose of finding a house in Mountain Home. It was a bit of a dissapointing trip because...well, lets just say it will take some getting used to. We came home without making an offer on a house and thinking we would try Base housing. After a couple days of pondering and thinking we finally decided to go ahead and put an offer on this...
... a cute little house in a good neighborhood. We're still in negotiations so depending on how things work out this is where we will live. We are slowly making progress towards getting excited about the move. We have a long summer ahead: moving in June. Cameron figuring where he will spend July and part of August while he finishes work here. Me figuring out schools (mountain home schools or private - yeah we might go with private based on some of the research I've done on the schools there), unpacking {alone!!} staying with my family in Utah (which will be fun!) and just getting settled. That's how it goes around here: lots of "just a minutes." and "I'm almost done"'s. It seems like there is always so much "business" to take care of. But I do try do things with my kids and spend time with them. Like this:
...I took the kids horseback riding one day just before we went to Mountain Home, in between all the craziness. They had fun. It was a good break for me. Balance. That's what it's all about. And now that Isaac's awake and screaming for freedom from the crib and Austin's yelling, "MOM!! Come RIGHT now!" It's time for some more balance - no more computer for me! {for today!}


Maynards said...

I'm glad you gals had such a great time at women's conference! I think the home you are negotiating on is way nice...good job. Where did you guys go horseback riding? I have been trying to find a place around here.

Colleen said...

It was a fabulous weekend! I am so glad you went! The house looks so great. At least from the outside, and like we talked about, you can do what you want with the inside! I know everything is crazy right now. Hang in there, you are holding it all together amazingly, considering!

runningfan said...

Sounds like "busy" is an understatement! Looking forward to catching up when you cut my hair. :)

Kerri Whitney said...

Sounds like great business! Cute house, I hope it all works out! Your hair looks so cute!

Kasey said...

You are a busy girl! I was wondering why you hadn't done a post in so long! Now I know. Good luck with everything. And super cute mom you are to take your kids horseback riding. Love it!

Thorsons said...

Sounds like you have been keeping busy! The boys are sure growing and are cute as ever! Love your hair!