Happy Mother's Day

Dear Mom/Grandma Smed, We love love love you!
The reason's why:
Landon, "because she gives me hugs."
Austin, "because she takes me to the store and gives me treats, and because she lets me sleep in Alina's bunk bed."
Me, "because I always know that at least my Mom is on my side. When the chips are down, especially, you lift me up. You let me talk your head off on the phone even you're busy. You have done so much for me and I'm grateful for it. You are an example to me. I love you."

Dear Grandma Perigo,
We love love love you!
The reasons why:
Kyla, "because she is nice and she does everything for everyone."
Landon, "she lets me sleep at her house."
Austin, "because the same thing as Landon said... I mean because it's the grandma in the red house."

Today {and everyday} we love our moms and grandmas. Thanks for the support and just being you.

My Kiddos have been celebrating Mother's Day for three days now, thanks to their teachers.
My Landon. I just love him! His class had a "Mother's Day Tea" on Friday. When I got there Landon greeted me at the door with a hand-made corsage. He escorted me to my seat and, after we played a game, served me some refreshments. We watched a video that showed each kid telling why they loved their moms. Landon said, "because she makes me dinner...um, I think." I asked him later what he meant and he said, "I love that you make me dinner but sometimes I don't like what you make." (at least hes honest!) Just before singing us "Skid-a-Marinky-Dink", The class went around the room reading their Mom's the placemat poems they had written. When Landon got to the end of his poem he got a little teary-eyed and gave me a H-U-G-E hug. I had to wipe a tear away, myself after that. It was one of those "tender" moments. This kid makes me so happy....
.... and so does this one. Austin's preschool had a Mother's/Father's Day celebration too. The class entertained us with "The Gingerbread Man" and "The Three Little Pigs" along with some cute songs. Austin was hamming it up. He's tricky because sometimes he can be so shy but other times he LOVES to be the center of attention.

It was hillarious when he gave me my Mother's Day present. He pulled a recipe card holder (hand-painted, of course!) out of the bag and, proud as could be, said, "I got you an ingredient!! Can we make it?!" He is just so cute. Sometimes I can't help but stop what I'm doing to give him a hug because he's so cute. He also made me a little book, with the help of his teacher, and my favorite page is this one. When I asked him about it he said, "your so old. (60) and you're not fat (9 pounds)."

I love being a Mom. As cliche as it sounds it's the best thing I ever did and I wouldn't change it for anyhing. So today I'm celebrating for all the mom's I know. You are all great examples to me. Happy Mother's Day.


mom smed said...

I love them sooooo much, and I love my darling daughter soooo much.

mom smed said...

I want to weigh 9 pounds too!

Steph said...

Ha ha wow a 10 foot tall, 9 pound 60 year old! You look great for being 60!

Ryan & Shambray said...

That is going to be so fun to see you in July! I love how you are 60 years old. 10 feet and only 9 lbs, I mean that is really skinny. That is so fun. I hope you had a great Mother's Day!

Colleen said...

So sweet! Their little answers are so funny and so cute all in one. I love that Landon said "my mom wants a girl." I guess it's no secret! And you are looking fab for 60! You are such a great mom, Kendra! The love and respect your boys have for you really shows what a wonderful job you are doing!

Andrea said...

Those sweet boys sure have a wonderful mom! I love seeing their notes to you- so cute to see how their minds work.

You are such a great mom, and have always been an inspiration to me. I hope my boys turn out as great as yours!

Call me when things settle down so we can plan how to meet up!

Brandy and Boyz said...

I laughed so hard I had tears! Cute!

510Jen said...

Happy mothers day oh your boys are so cute.