Snow Day *with an amendment

Here's the thing with Colorado Springs winters. They don't start until March! Seriously. It's weird. We've spent all January and February wondering where the winter was and now that we're in the mood for shorts and capris the snow starts coming.

I must say, though, we need the moisture. And it's not so bad! This weekend a major storm warning was issued and they basically shut down the city. Landon's football game was canceled for the second week in a row due to snow. Really, all the news stations were telling people not to drive unless absolutely necessary. It wasn't bad at all during the day when temps were just above freezing (which is HOT compared to Iowa snow storms, by the way!) It wasn't even too bad at night. The roads were slushy but not super icy.

We took advantage of a break in the snow fall when the sun was shining and you can still see grass coming out of the snow. This was no MAJOR snow storm but it was fun! I have to admit, it did snow for two days straight and we had a ten minute down pour of hail and thunder and lightening so I guess the weather man was right, a little bit!

Austin spent the day making snow angels and sledding down our "bunny hill". I wanted Landon to come out too, but his friend was over and "not so respectfully" declined the invitation to come out. So Landon missed out for a day of Legos. Oh well. I'm sure there'll be other snow! But I was missing him. I've decided next time, I'll just drag the friend outside or send him home!
Austin's new favorite thing to do - ask me to take his picture and then run away just when I'm about to shoot it. He screams, "April Fools Day!! ha ha ha". It's funny and really quite annoying! So this is one I snapped when he stopped to see if I still had the camera out.

Zacky-boy got to wear his new boots. He LOVED them, until he tried to walk in them. I felt bad for him because he did have a hard time walking. To make matters worse he would NOT leave his gloves on. So every time he picked up his ball he screamed, "COUDE, COUDE!!!" (COLD, COLD). And then he'd throw it, then he'd want it back and run after it and end up like this:


So we cleared off the walkways and let him stand on the cement with his shovel. It worked out much better.
*Amendment to our Snow Day*
So I posted this early this morning and this is what we did after dinner today:
Go figure. It was 62 degrees and the snow was almost completely melted. Crazy.
{a little side story: Notice the Hotwheels bandaid on Zac's forhead? Isn't it pretty?! For some reason Isaac just doesn't watch where he is going. He runs into walls, chairs and other furniture all the time. He doesn't realize that when he turns his head his feet keep going forward. This morning he got a big gash on his head when he ran into Austin's metal bed frame. It's pretty deep and long so we're trying to prevent a nasty scar with bandaids and neosporin. It's just too bad I only had Hotwheels ones left. I bet people at church had a good laugh at that!}


Kasey said...

Cute, cute pictures! I LOVE your winter. I will take it any day.

You need to showcase your new haircut better. I can tell it's shorter but it's always hidden behind something {or someone}. It looks cute, just I wanna see the whole thing!

Mom Smed said...

My favorite of Issac, makes me forget my bad day! Kendra, loosing a boy to Lego's is like loosing a daughter to Barbies. . . Oh I remember when . . .

Colleen said...

Luke isn't thrilled with his boots either, or the cold. That's OK, next year we won't be able to keep these boys inside...and you guys are sure to get plenty of snow in MH!

shay said...

I can't believe the indecisive weather! How funny! I agree, I'm ready for shorts and capris!

MegT said...

Your haircut is so cute! I like it a lot. Congrats on Idaho, too. That is really exciting.

[S Rizzle] said...

I want to see that Hair girlfriend. Any news on your new home location?!