A Conversation

Austin came home with a Christmas Wish List he made at school. It had pictures of the normal: Legos, DS, Wii games. And also BIG {litterally} things that I had NO idea he was thinking about: a ping-pong table, a fooseball table, and an air hockey table.
His wish list prmpted this discussion:
Mom: Wow, Aust that's a lot of stuff. I'm not sure Santa's going to be able to bring all of that.
Austin: yes he is. I'm being good and he can bring me whatever I want. And now that I made my list he knows what I want because he knows everything.
M: Well, Santa usually only brings one toy for each kid. Maybe he'll bring you one of the Wii games.
A: Mom, Santa knows everything. He'll bring me everything.
M: I'm not sure. I think Santa's trying to cut back this year because there are so many kids and the elves are having trouble keeping up. Which one do you REALLY want to ask for; the Wii games? The Legos?
A: The PING PONG TABLE. I LOVE it! I know Santa will bring it.
M: umm... (feeling a bit panicked now - Austin is NOT backing down from this!) I'm pretty sure Santa knows we don't have room for a ping pong table.
A: Yeah, Mom we can just move the kitchen table and put it there.
M: I don't think so, Dude.
A: Okay, well he'll bring it to me anyway and let me save it until we get a house with a basement like in Colorado.
M: A ping pong table won't fit in the sleigh so he's not going to be able to bring you one.
A: Mom! (as in DUH!) The sleigh is as big as the world. Plus Santa is magic. I know he'll bring me one.
M: Okay, lets let Santa decide what he thinks you'll like best and bring that.
A: How can I give him my list?
M: We can put it under the tree and the elves will pick it up while you're sleeping.
A: No Mom, I want to bring it to him and ask him if he can make me a ping pong table.
M: (ready to END this conversation) okay, fine we're going to Boise for a few more Christmas presents tomorrow so you can take it to him if he's there. (hoping we will accidently "forget" the list and the DANG ping pong table!)
Didn't forget the list. Didn't forget the ping pong table. Gave it to Santa and Santa looked at it and memorized it. He only looked at one side - the side with the Legos, marble track, and Wii games. Phew! Austin was satisfied with that. Santa is chosing one thing from the side of the list he memorized. And I'm breathing a sigh of relief that I don't have to blow Santa's cover. But it leaves me wondering if maybe I should. Landon's already pretty much over Santa (he wouldn't even talk to him) but Austin is still so awestruck by him. Luckily, Santa's on my side. No ping pong table at this house. And Austin can have at least one more year of Santa Magic Bliss.


Maynards said...

Austin is such a cute little guy. I am glad you got the ping pong table thing worked out...yikes!

Kerri said...

I love it! But I think his idea about just moving the table was pretty practial...I mean it is ping pong TABLE! miss you guys

Colleen said...

So funny! The boys are obsessed with this zero gravity nano RC car that costs $100!! I keep saying, "Santa thinks that's kind of expensive," but they come up with similar arguments as Austin's, like, "He MAKES it Mom, so it's free!" Ug. Oh well, hopefully they will be happy with what they get, cuz they're not getting that! Enjoy your dinners on your ping pong table!

shauntelle said...

good job santa? only one more year of santa bliss???? he's only 5!