'Twas the Week Before Christmas

... and it was BUSY!
There were presents to finish, wrap, and pack for Utah

There was wrestling practice to go to

There was a birthday to celebrate

There were wrestling matches to attend

And...babysitting to do...doctors appointments to go to...30 cupcakes to make for Landon's class...a Christmas party to attend at the neighbors...a funeral for a 5 year old in our ward (and the 2 pans of cheesy potatoes I was asked to bring)...dinner to cook for a family who just had a baby...laundry and packing for our early Christmas celebration in Utah...a preschool party to go to (and bring food for). Really, I had no idea it was possible to squeeze so much into one week...

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shauntelle said...

so i've been wondering what happened to that helicopter that got broken...did it get fixed? that was a tired, sad lando commando that night! give him hugs from me.