The end of the Birthday Gauntlet

I know less is more - but with a kid like Isaac, it's just impossible to only choose one or two pictures... so you might as well have been here with us while we celebrated his THIRD birthday.
Since it was Labor Day weekend, my parents were able to come up {with their boat :) } and spend it with us. What a fun weekend. We spent Saturday on the boat with KFC and other munchies. Boating is this family's favorite thing to do. {a boat is definitly on our wish list!!} We love it cuz we're all together and there's something for everyone - the littles (and me) love to just ride, going fast. The big kids love the Water Rocket and swimming. Cam got to water ski - I love to ski too but I'm picky about the temperature. The water's gotta be warm. It's just so so relaxing and fun.

We had Isaac's b.day party a day early, on Sunday. He loved opening the presents. But... he REALLY loved the wrapping paper. When he saw it, as I not so stealthly handed it to Cameron so he could go wrap, he jumped up and down and shouted something about his Toy "Stoy" party, so excited.

We had to light the candles twice - he was so excited to blow them out he didn't want to wait for us to sing Happy Birthday.

If one of your presents falls into the cupcakes... no big deal, just lick it off.

We played with his new presents.

Then we watched a movie with "Toy Story" popcorn bowls. Sometime during the movie I looked around for Isaac.

He was just eating another cupcake.

But when I realized he had licked the frosting off ALL the rest of the cupcakes he thought he was in trouble. These pictures describe my life with him completely - at least a few times a day. I imagine him thinking - "if I close my eyes I can't hear her ranting/yelling/lecturing/saying no. oh good she turned away for a second. hurry and do it before she sees me."

The next day Cameron took Isaac and my dad on a motorcycle ride. Then it was off to Smoky Mountain for a free birthday pizza and sad goodbye to Grandma, Grandpa, and Alina.
Isaac went to his first (and last - a story for another post. Bottom line he just wasn't ready for it) day of Preschool the next day. They celebrated his birthday, there too.
I love this boy. He is my greatest challenge and greatest joy. I'm still learning how to relate to him. The more I've tried to embrace who he is and channel his endless curiosity and independance the more fun he's become. He comes out fighting but as soon as he feels understood and accepted the fight stops and hugs start. He is loving and happy and hillarious. He reminds me, everyday, to think before I {yell} speak, and stay calm. He is teaching me to be a better person.
This family just wouldn't be the same without you, little dude. And as I walk through the house and find your trail in every room, I think about the ways you make me laugh, how dynamic you are, how you stick to your guns, and how exciting you make our lives. Happy, happy birthday~


Colleen said...

YAY! Happy birthday, Isaac! I wish my birthday weekend could be so fun. The boating pictures make me NEED to be on a boat! Your stories of Isaac really capture his personality. I love that he licked the cupcakes all clean. HAHAHAHA! What a great kid!

runningfan said...

Happy birthday. That hair just makes me smile!

Adri said...

Oh, Isaac, you SLAY me! I especially love picture with your eyes shut. Way to disappear! :)

Nancy K said...

His hair is soooooo cute!

Jessie said...

Oh kenD your posts are awesome!!! I need to get reading!!! I miss you girly... Come visit!!!

CUTEST TOY STORY PARTY... Porter is obsessed with toy story right now! We can't wait for Nov. 2nd when it comes out!

[S Rizzle] said...

So cute. I love his curly locks!!!