s e v e n months

she's gone from newborn to infant to... older baby. she is scooting. she is tearing up magazines and napkins and wipes (when she can get her hands on them). she is squealing. she is rolling to get to toys. she wants to be in on the action. she has a definite routine. she is l.o.v.i.n.g. solid foods. she is babbling. she is constantly looking around. she clapped (two different times) for the first time today. she is becoming more and more animated - her personality emerging. she is still easy going and mellow. she watched the boys and I make freezer jam from her bumbo for 1 hour before she even made a peep - content to sit and watch. she can hold her own sippy cup. tonight, she picked up small bits of "real" food and got them into her mouth for the first time. she is getting too big too fast


Colleen said...

Too FAST! Ella's such a sweetie pie!

Jenn S said...

She is adorable! So cute and so beautiful! It's really fun to watch you with a little girl! Happy Birthday to all you birthday Perigos too!

MaloyMayhem said...

What a cutie!! I love that stage!!