{2} Birth-Days

Austin turned the B-I-G 6 last week. A highly anticipated event. He is officially, according to him, the oldest kid in his kindergarten class, and he's sure he grew, at least, a couple inches on his birthday.

And today is my birthday. Aside, from my fab husband this picture says it all: I've got everything I need {plus a way-cute, wear all the time sweater from Gap and flowers - thank you Cameron! and a little spending cash - thank you Gary and Sharlene! and a little boat trip planned for this weekend - thank you Mom and Dad!}. It was a good day; spent driving the kids to school and scouts, hearing Isaac sing me "Happy Birthday" a dozen different ways, then back to school for open house night, and dinner at Wingers where the Mountain Home Highschool Cheerleaders sang Happy Birthday to me. Really, couldn't ask for more.
While my birthday was a normal day, punctuated with a few very happy-birthday moments, Austin's birthday was pretty much a week-long process.
He took cookies to school the Friday before his b.day. Not just any cookies, YODA cookies that he and I spent the morning making.

The day before his birthday a little box found it's way onto our porch and Isaac carried it around for a couple of hours until Austin got home from a friends house. The suspense was killing them so we let Austin open his Grandma & Grandpa Perigo presents early. Wish they could have seen him open them. He was so happy! Thank you again, Gary and Sharlene.

On the 24th, Austin's actual birthday, Landon had his first Cub Scout Pack meeting. an aside: He earned his Bobcat award. I wish I would have had my camera out when Landon got to hold the flag during the flag ceremony (is it disrespectful to take pictures when your supposed to have your hand on your heart? anyway...) He had a G.R.I.N. from ear to ear holding that flag... and his salute? He was trying so hard to do everything perfect.

We weren't expecting a two-hour event (BBQ and games after awards) but Austin didn't seem to mind putting off his family birthday party until later.

But, when it was time to go home for cake and presents he was ECSTATIC!

Landon took the credit for getting Austin a crystal-growing kit. I'm fine with it. Look how happy they both were!

My FAVORITE part of being with Austin is his energetic spark for life. He has this way of drawing you into whatever he's doing. If I could choose one word to describe him it would be excitement. He's just SO SO happy to do anything and he knows how to make the people around him happy too.
Case in Point: singing him the birthday song and watching him blow out the candles. Cameron teased him and re-lit the candles, saying they were trick candles. Austin just went with it and laughed and laughed.
A few days later we had a "friend party" for Austin. He wanted an army party so we had "birthday boot camp". The kids had target practice with nerf guns, a water balloon "gernade toss", search and rescue - they had to dig through shredded paper to find army guys and toys and candy, a parachute game and camoflauge cupcakes.
I also, accidently, created a new birthday tradition at our house. Since I bought window markers to draw targets on our windows at Austin's party I used them to write a b.day message to Austin on the bathroom mirror. The kids came running in my room in the morning so excited about the message. Landon begged me to write on the mirror to him on his birthday. So, a new tradition.
Now that we've celebrated for me and Austin we're all pumped up to do it again on Monday - for Isaac's "Toy Stoy" party. He'll be 3 and litterelly tells everyone that will listen that he is going to have a Toy Story Birthday. Sometimes, I really wish I could just freeze time and keep everyone the same. They're growing up WAY too fast (and I wouldn't mind not getting any older too!! :) ).


Steph said...

Oh man, I feel like such a terrible sister-in-law! I even had a reminder in my phone to call you yesterday but I was at work all day and didn't ever hear the reminder go off! I hope you had a great birthday! We love you lots!

runningfan said...

Happy birthday, you two!

Adri said...

Super fun! Happy Birthday to you all!

Andrea said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Kendra! I love the picture of you and your kids- you look so happy :)!

Colleen said...

I'm glad it was a fun birthday for you and Austin! You got some WONDERFUL pictures of Austin. You really captured him. And congrats to Landon! Nice work on the Bobcat and flag ceremony.

Kerri said...

Happy birthday! Wow looks like you all are having to much fun! the great thing about you getting older is that you don't look it!