First Day

Here they are after their first day yesterday. So happy the day went well. So happy they made friends. So happy they have great teachers.And now today on the second day of school I take a break because ... the house is silent. The little kids are napping. The big kids are at school. Time to do something that makes me happy.... just for a minute... then back to the pile of laundry...oh yeah, gotta clean up the playdough that entertained the kids this morning while they waited for Kindergarten to start .... my computer break's only gonna last long enough to type this out. Oh well, there's always tomorrow's nap time...
During our school preperations Austin asked me how to make friends. Also, I've noticed for a long time that Landon likes to just have one best friend. I wanted to encourage him to try to be friends with everyone this year. So... the night before school, during our annual back to school night family night we had a little lesson on making friends.
Each balloon represents a kid in the class. We talked about how "rebecca" is always humming to herself. she's african american. she chases boys at recess. Then Austin popped the balloon to "get to know her on the inside". we found out she can tell hillarious jokes and will make you laugh when you talk to her.
Each of our balloon "friends" were different and a little scary to get to know but when we "got to know them" we found out we had things in common with all of them. Then I gave the kids 5 "silly bands" (depending on where you live they are the best thing to trade since pokemon cards) and told them *at recess* give one away to each kid they got to know and tell me something about them when they got home. Then I would give them a whole pack of silly bands. The kids were excited to have a way to break the ice with strangers. (Landon just keeps his in his pocket, cuz he's in 3rd grade now so it's not as cool I guess...)
Kindergarten. He's been waiting for a long time for this day. Oh I love him. He's got the best attitude. His excitement rubs off on all of us. He's going to have so fun in school. And he is READY. Just wish it was a full day instead of half. Although, I really do miss him!love the backpack picture - it's as big as him! It has all his school supplies in it but still - it's huge! and he loves it.

picked out everything from his shoes to his shirt to his silly band colors; layed them all out the night before; he was up and dressed by 7:00 (huge, since he hasn't been waking up until 8:30 during the summer)

... and my big 3rd grader! can't believe it. Really, where DOES the time go? I think Landon is going to get a bit of a reality shock this year when he learns some concepts he hasn't mastered already (can't wait for him to think, huh? I don't know everything...I'm also a little scared for him to realize that; might be a tough year) hopefully he'll rise to the challange and just do it without getting discouraged - My wish for him for this year.
Landon has grown up so much lately. We're on the brink of the "tweens" and we can all sense it. He's excited for the responsibility of picking up Austin from his class. Sometimes he says something and I think, "oh there you are - my sweet little boy!" other times I think, "wo! you are becoming such a cool little man." I'm feeling a sense of loss for my little guy right now. He's just growing up too fast! Love him!


shaina said...

My kids' backpacks are as big as them too!
what a great GREAT idea you had for helping them make friends. I may have to use that one.

we miss you here!

Jessi said...

Oh my, Kendra, I just can't believe how big they are. They have grown up so much since you all left Iowa. I love your friend lesson, we are talking about that a lot too so I will also have to use it.

Colleen said...

Such sweet boys! I sure wish they were still here to be buddies to mine. I L.O.V.E. your FHE idea. You are brilliant! I'm with Shaina and Jessi...I'm stealing that one!

Ryan & Shambray said...

You are so GOOD! I love that FHE idea. You are such a good mom. They are getting so big.

Kasey said...

You are the coolest mom ever. I love all the fun ideas you have for FHE. Don't you just love back to school? The boys look great!

my4suns2 said...

I love reading about your kids and I, too, wish we were all doing this together. Wish I could squeeze Ella's sweet cheeks...maybe I'll call you. We sure miss you all!

shauntelle said...

great lesson idea...thanks! tell landon that here in utah they are super cool and fun to trade even for boys in the eight grade.