And So It Begins...

I was talking to Landon, yesterday, about school. He said, "Mom you don't know; you went to school in the 80's."

what I thought was *Well, yeah, the 80's were SO long ago and the kids were SO different then. I really don't know what it's like.*

what I wanted to do was shake him and MAKE it sink into his head.

what I said was "Cameron, what do you think?" (when in doubt ask Dad)

what I gotta do now - get a grip and let it go. he's gonna learn what life's gonna teach him no matter what. If he doesn't want to take my advice who cares? He'll figure it out. No lecturing. Say my peace, tell him I love him and send him to school, right? This is totally new parenting territory for me...

We all said something like that to our parents, didn't we? I knew I'd hear it sometime; just thought he'd be more like, I don't know, 13? Not 8. Geesh.

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Colleen said...

Seriously! I think 8 is a HARD age. You are a great mommy, even if you were a kid in the {prehistoric} 80's!