The Way I'll Remember

I'm sure this is the way I will always remember Ella's {baby-hood}

At six months Ella's prized possesion is her blankie. She has four soft super-thin blankets {reminiscent of Austin's beloved piece of fabric, he slept with for years}. Her blankets entertain her when she's happy. They calm her down when she's sad. They keep her company in the car. They soothe her into sleep. Her blankets might just be one of my prized possesions too!

she ROCKS her double chin and chubby rolls. Everywhere I go people comment on how rolly-polly she is. When else in life do you get complimented on your chub? Six month weigh in: 18.5 {adorable} pounds

This is her favorite doll. Remember when all Landon wanted was ANYTHING with wheels (he went through a tractor stage, a hotwheels stage, a train stage, etc)? Ella's much the same with dolls. Just born that way. She loves them.

I wish I could just freeze her like this forever!
Things to know about Ella at 6 months:
*18.5 pounds
*kicks her thunder thighs ALL THE TIME. The only time she is not kicking her legs is when she's asleep or sitting - even when she's sitting she kind of shuffles her weight from leg to leg in a sort of sitting kick
*sitting is her prefered position. She will do sit ups to try to get into sitting position from laying down. (she also does sit ups to watch me leave the room when I lay her down in her crib) she can roll but hasn't figured out that in order to sit up she has to roll over and push herself up.
*she rarely cries.
*she has discovered her voice, though and just learned to squeal. she squeals when she's hungry and when she's happy or excited
*she makes this "mmmm" sound just before she starts nursing. she loves the bottle too - she reaches for it and can hold herself, which comes in quite handy in the car (which is where she learned to hold her own bottle - when we were driving to Yellowstone)
*she will smile when she sees you
*she loves books - not to read, to open and chew on
*she definitely loves to put things in her mouth - *icky incidnent* she sat in a grocery cart for the first time yesterday. first thing she did was put the end of the buckle strap in her mouth - NAST... I might just have to buy one those shopping cart covers that seem like such a hassle and waste of money, but with winter germs coming, may be a good idea
*she loves teensy bits of meat from the grown up's food. She also loves rice and oat cereal. Won't even open her mouth for orange veggies (like corn and sweet potatoes).


runningfan said...

She is totally adorable!

I'm guessing you set the photos to be left-justified when you uploaded, so text flows around the pictures. I can't ever make that setting work. I either choose "none" or "center."

shaina said...

Oh my, what a sweet little girl! Well, I say little, but she's not little, is she? She's absolutely adorable and I want to squeeze her so tight!

Hillary said...

She is SO SO SO cute. What a precious little girl!

Colleen said...

What a darling little girl Ella is! I love, love, love the chub. I can tell she is an absolute treasure.

Kasey said...

She is SOOOO cute! Seriously. I'm loving all these pictures of her.

Nancy K said...

I could eat her up!!! so cute!