my THIRD boy

I was just getting caught up on my Picture.of.the.Day project and a few pics caught my eye. I love {ALL} my boys. Today, see what I love about this one:

ClAssIc IsAac: black eye {Austin threw the garage door open into Zac's face} and bruises all over his forehead
messy face {the kid can NOT keep his face clean!}
what you don't see {no pants, diaper - yes he's STILL wearing diapers - we're workin' on it, two different socks - one black, leftover from church, one of Austin's too big white ones}
He just learned to ride his "big" bike with training wheels {can you tell the bike's been through all 3 boys?!} I try to spend a half hour a day with JUST him. Today's activity - learning to use the brakes.

He is so enthusiastic. Also, he's got a great imagination. My best "pretender" so far. I love watching him play - especially listening to him talk to his toys and hearing what they "say" back to him.

The other day at nap time: he INSISTED on going to bed inside a web. We made one with a blanet and pillows. he INSISTED on wearing the mask. he fell asleep, I snapped a picture, and then took the mask off his mouth and nose. He is strong-willed and very insistent. I get nervous for his teenage years (seriously, I think about it daily!) I'm constantly trying to think of ways to make him think what I need him to do is HIS idea.

We went to ride Fire Trucks the other night at the fire station's Fire Prepardeness Fair. The boys loved it. Isaac had a great time. He snuggled with his dad on top of the fire engine during our ride. I carried him for a while in line when he got SCARED when "Scruff the Crime Dog" ( a guy in suit) came to give him a high five. {He's hopelessly scared of dogs.}
There is just something so sweet and endearing about the little things they do. I LOVE my boys. Really. Boys. They're great.


Amanda said...

omgosh! the spider man one made me laugh so hard!!! LOVE it!

Colleen said...

Oh that poor bruised eye! But with a huge grin! Issac is so cute, so determined. You've captured him so well. Boys are great!

runningfan said...

I still can't get over that fabulous hair! What a great kid -- so many fun personality traits. You're one busy mama.

Kasey said...

Sleeping in a web in his spiderman costume? Oh, I love it. He is one funny kid!

Jenn S said...

Hey girl....I must say that you have the cutest kids ever! Really, your blog is so fun to follow. That little Ella is edible! Your boys make me smile too! Hope all is well for you guys!!!

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