Happy Halloween

{You KNEW I would dress her up as a princess, right?!}
ever feel like all you've got to offer at the moment is Mac & Cheese and yesterday's hair-do? yeah... that's where I've been the last few weeks. It's been a long, tiring month for some reason. This week was especially long cuz I was up in the night cleaning up throw up from kids and beds. {'Tis the season for candy and germs EVERYWHERE! that's why Ella's not looking her best - she's on cold #2 this month} Hoping to catch up before the holiday rush really gets going. Including posting the boys in their costumes... they're little cuties too... Cameron is on TDY in Maryland. I know Halloween isn't until tomorow but I'm a little burned out on it after doing all the parties, cookie making, pumpkin carving, and costuming solo this week... got a few little plans for tomorrow, anyway. Man, I really appreciate having a husband around. Hopefully, life will get a little more normal after I pick him up from the airport tonight.


runningfan said...

Adorable! LOVE the cute shoes and leggings.

Adri said...

I've totally felt that way this month, too. Although Chad hasn't been out of town. I'm impressed you did it all anyway. We never did get around to carving our pumpkins this year. Oh well. Four kids. That's all I can say.

Can't wait to see your boy's costumes!

shaina said...

Sweet sweet sweet.
We didn't do anything halloween related, except go to the trunk or treat at the church. NO pumkins or crafts for us. Oh well. Still had fun!

momsmed.com said...

Of course the shoes are super important to a princess.
The second one down from the top on the left looks the most like you to date.