Happy Halloween {part deux}

we kicked off the halloween fun with "haunted houses". i let Landon and Austin invite friends over to make them with us. Isaac did a great job building his little house too (his is the one with only ghosts). Landon invited his friend Andrew - a great kid who has a LOT in common with Landon.

Our only Trick or Treating this year went down at the church "Trunk or Treat". (We opted to invite a few friends over on Sunday and celebrate a little more Sunday-like rather than Trick or Treat) So on Friday I got the kids ready and we headed out. I was glad so many of my Young Women love to hold Ella cuz getting through a food line holding 4 plates of hotdogs and chili would've been a lot harder with her in my arms too.

I really really tried to get Isaac on board with the idea of being a frog so he and Ella could be the Princess and the Frog but he wanted nothing to do with the frog. So I gave up and let all the kids pick from the aisles of WALMART! Awesome.
Isaac chose this little Lightning Mcqueen number. He thinks it's a baseball player costume. And he LOVES it. He's already completely worn it out. (it is from Walmart - but really it is coming apart at the seams - I had to sew it back together before Friday.)
And Austin chose to join the Transformer world. (not sure why his picture is so huge)

Landon's costume is one my Mom gave us from her Halloween shop days. I'm not a fan of blood and guts kind of Halloween-ing, but you should have seen how excited Landon was to use fake blood (even though I would only let him use it on his hand.) boys!

Cameron was gone this year for our pumpkin carving. We missed him but we had fun anyway. I let the big kids do thier own pumpkins: scooping, drawing, and carving. Isaac helped me draw his and then punched out his carving (after I carved) with a spoon. We also made Ella a little one. {by the way - Isaac had a big pumpkin to carve too, but he really just wanted to carve the little one}

they turned out so awesome! They each named their pumpkins too. {and I was glad my little prayer that they wouldn't cut off a finger was answered!}

Sunday morning I made "spider web" oatmeal and the kids used a ghost cookie cuter to make their toast scarey. That night we had some friends over for spooky food and games. The kids helped with the decorations (see the shrunken heads - they're made from apples). We had chili and orange cornbread (that Austin made almost completely by himself) and sugar cookies leftover from the ones I had to make for Austin's class party. I attempted to make bone-shaped breadsticks but they ended up being just plain-shaped. We opened the door for a grand total of FIVE trick-or-treaters, the kids watched Babe, and we played Ticket to Ride. It was a fun night.


momsmed.com said...

Oy ya hoo! The pumpkins are adorable. Landon truley has the art gift, for real Kendra. He has the out there bizarre unique, kind of gift that needs to be nurtured, because he is creative and could do great things with that gift.
Love it ALL!

momsmed.com said...

Hey, I think the monster boy is adorable, the guttier the better! I get to say that cause I am the grandma.
Hope to see them all gored up next year, in fact I'll help them do it. Ha! (I refuse to miss next Halloween)

510Jen said...

Awesome costumes Kendra. You are always doing such fun things with the kiddos. And princess well cutest pictures of her!

The Mitchells said...

You always do such fun things with your kids. I should take notes.

Colleen said...

I love that Isaac thought his costume was a baseball player costume. How funny! It looks and sounds like a great Halloween weekend. I love those apple heads, I saw some in Martha Stewart too. We're thinking we might have to add those to our decor next year. You guys are so cute and know how to do Halloween right! I miss you!

Andrea said...

Okay- those pumpkins are the cutest! All your kids looked great in their costumes. And you are such a fun mom- it seriously makes me tired to just read about all the fun stuff you do!