Giving Thanks

{a quick family snapshot - just before we headed back home to Idaho}
a few things we're thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend: thankful that we got to celebrate with our families. thankful that we got to see some aunts/uncles/cousins that we haven't seen in over 2 years. thankful that Austin's food allergy reactions weren't more severe. and speaking of... thankful for benedryl. thankful that we saw the ROCKETTES. thankful for Isaac's rendition of the show (funny boy. love him). thankful that my parents had Harry Potter 5 on demand. thankful for THREE grandmas. thankful for the motorcycle and the motorcycle trailor. thankful I didn't get up at 4 am to shop black friday sales - the stores I did go to (at a normal time of day) would NOT have been worth getting up for. thankful that we made it home...and we're still alive. (i still have knots in my stomach from our drive home yesterday - you know when it takes 8 hours to make a 3.5 hour trip it's BAD driving conditions). Just ThAnKFuL


runningfan said...

So glad you're all OK! What's the story behind Austin's allergy attack?

Andrea said...

Aw- look at your cute family, Kendra! Love seeing you guys all together. Ella is looking so grown-up!

Colleen said...

How good to spend the weekend with family, although I can only imagine the horrors of the drive! Yipes! And so glad Austin's OK. Yipes times 2! Love the pic :).