Santa BABY {an Ella update}

Ella doesn't like Santa. We saw him once on Friday and twice last night (the boys were ecstatic, by the way - she's the only hater!) By the third time Santa came toward her - even with a candy cane (and even with a different beard, and in a different place; she must have thought, why is this guy following me?!) - she burried her head in my shoulder and wouldn't even look at him. The poor girl was SCARED. After this second encounter with Santa she was wide-eyed and clinging to her daddy the rest of the night. {Sorry, Ella - when you read this, don't think we tortured you ... we rescued you as soon as I clicked the camera!}
and in other Ella news - she is ten months old (okay, she's really 12 days from being 11 months... I took the picture in November but, you know, sometimes it takes me a while to get them here.)
... and she crawls...

she took those first little "steps" on December 1. The boys and I were decorating the Christmas tree. She really wanted the ornaments. We all saw her and then said to eachother, "did you see that?!" "she crawled! did she crawl?" Of course we all started clapping and cheering. By the end of the night all six of us had a new favorite game for the day, called, "Get Ella to Crawl to Me".

Now she goes from one thing to another like a lightning flash. One minute playing with a toy and the next she's down the hall... or trapped under a bed or table.

her new-found freedom is keeping me B-U-S-Y
she's already started pestering her brothers - crawling to them any time they are on the floor and trying to get their toys from them - crawling around me while I'm cooking dinner and hanging onto my pants, crying to be picked up (she never cried like that before she learned to crawl; now instead of occupying herself with toys she comes looking for me) - she crawls over to Isaac and yanks his hair, everytime she possibly can - we had to put up a baby gate; she beelines for the stairs anytime we are upstairs - it's so funny when the kids are running around: Landon is always in the lead, then Austin and Isaac, running and laughing, then a little distance behind them this little girl comes slowly along, giggling too

she's working on her two top teeth... I have to admit, I'm going to be a bit sad to lose that sweet two-teeth grin...not so sad for the drooling to stop, though

she's also developing quite the personality lately; making faces, blowing kisses, waving bye-bye, clapping for herself, bobbing to music, growling, snorting, says ma-ma (we don't know if she means me or food - aren't the words mom and food interchangeable, anyway?!)
so, aside from Santa, this girl is one happy little chick who is growing up way, WAY, too fast.


runningfan said...

Adorable! What a fun picture!

Maynards said...

What a cutie! Enjoy your little crawler.

Adri said...

Kendra, she's DARLING!

Colleen said...

Love those baby blues Ella has! She sure is cute! And now she's fast and cute! :) Tommy is a total menace to his brothers too.

The Mitchells said...

That Santa picture is hilarious! Wouldn't you be scared too if you were handed off to a man who looked like that?!!

Kasey said...

She is so cute! I love the Santa pic. And her two bottom teeth are adorable. I'd be sad too to see more come in. BUT, at least maybe the drooling will stop? She is growing up WAY too fast!