Cameron's b.day Weekend

I've heard it said that Mountain Home is the "armpit of Idaho" {and not just by me!!}. So, it is even more amazing that this beauty is only less than an hour away from our house.

Cameron's birthday was last weekend and we spent it in a tiny town in the mountains called Featherville. We "borrowed" our friend's cabin and had a great weekend - the kids were bummed that it was just us (we've always gone up there with friends) but after a while Austin said, "Well, actually, I'm glad it's just the six of us. We're cool!"

We spent the first day getting our beds ready, playing in the snow, fixing the snowmobile, making Cameron's birthday dinner: his fave lasagna, and trifle instead of cake, snuggling with stories by the fireplace, playing a little rock band, watching a movie, singing Happy Birthday and watching Cameron open his presents.

We woke up to a TON of snow and it snowed all day. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL... We read a Christmas story by the fire, ate breakfast, and cleaned up. Then the boys all got a LONG ride on the snowmobile. I got a little work done on my 365 book while Ella napped.

This is the back yard of the Cabin. A kid's paradise - well Cameron's too, okay, I love it too!! Isaac can't go out by himself - I don't trust him by the river... but, in spite of it, I could still go up there all the time; it's just so peaceful.

Happy Birthday, Cameron. I hope it was a good one; filled with people you love, things you love, in a place you love....
(and P.S. If you're wondering why I have time to post this on CHRISTMAS EVE, well, I gotta say, I'm quite proud of my organizational skills {today at least}. I have this spare moment because my awesome husband helped me finish wrapping last night, the clothes are packed for our trip to Utah after present-opening tomorrow, the crab is ready to cook for tonight, Christmas is in the works, and there's no stress... it's a first and it feels SO good!)


Adri said...

Looks beautiful. Wish we had some snow around here!

I just had to write to tell you how much I love love loved your Christmas card. It was beautiful....and the people in it even MORE beautiful!

Hope you're having a very Merry day!

Colleen said...

Amazing! It looks like snowy paradise. And I can't imagine that wasn't a dream birthday for Cameron. Austin has it right...you are cool! :)

csmedley8157 said...

Wow! You guys are cool.