Dear Blog,

Please don't worry.  I haven't forgotten about you.  In fact, I think about you often.  I love to tell you what's happening in our little family and I especially love to print you out at the end of the year and enjoy our memory books.  But time goes by and we're so busy {living} our lives I'm having a hard time {documenting} them.

I have a goal, though.  I will be back soon, dear blog. I'm making you a priority, once again. Don't feel lost; you have a purpose.  In the meantime just know we are busy just being :: playing and living and laughing and stressing and fighting and making up and playing sports and driving kids here and there and cooking and cleaning and painting our garage and planning our tomorrows and sitting in doctor's offices and fixing teeth and swinging on the swings and making friends and bringing treats to school and learning to read and trying to get enough sleep and, really, just living in the moment.

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Colleen said...

Living life WAY more important than meticulous documenting! Can I say how EXCITED I am for this amazing group of Perigos to move to CO???!