March odds and ends

 Two of my favorite people!

Isaac is starting to read.  It's slow going, but he gets better every day!  There's not a lot I love more than seeing my kids finally "get" something!  Cameron taught Isaac the vowels and somehow that made reading "click" for him.  I love how happy he is when he gets a word right!

Austin's 2nd grade concert.  "Surf's Up"!

The day Isaac used his allowance for the first time

Allergy shots - because it's a 3 hour (round trip) drive to Austin's allergist we choose to fast-track Austin's shots.  We go in once a week for 3 weeks and do 3 shots each time.  The appointments are 3 1/2 hours long - with drive time it's a really, really long day!  Austin has a good attitude and I enjoy spending so much one on one time with him.  He's a fun kid! I really like him!

Grocery shopping - we are always, ALWAYS, running against the clock!  Gotta pick up the boys from school by 3:00

Landon did his "State" report on Illinois. His biggest concern for his project was what food he'd bring.  Oats are a cash crop of Illinois, he learned and he is convinced he can make anything into a dessert - thus the Oatmeal Pie.  

So fun to see him at school - in his element!  I love his "school persona"!  I can see why the girls think he's cute, the boys think he's cool, and the teachers really like him.

They have to be contained while I finish getting ready: cartoons to the rescue.  Their favorites right now are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sofia the First, and Octonauts

rough day at baseball practice....

Isaac starts soccer this week.  Seriously, out of all these old cleats there wasn't a pair that fit him!  I think I end up buying a couple pairs for every sport season, even with the hand me downs.  Isaac's pretty stoked he got a new pair, after all.

Today was not awesome!  We are safe, though, so I guess it kind of was.  Austin and I were on our way to an ENT appointment in Boise.  Just as I got into Boise the steering on my car went out.  As I started to panic it was, honestly, as if an angel took over my car!  It was the strangest, most amazing thing.  I was in the left lane of the freeway but I was able to point the car towards the exit and the other cars on the freeway somehow melted away from me.  I coasted right off the freeway and into a gas station parking lot - the perfect place to wait for a tow truck.  

This kid's had a fever for 4 days.  He keeps insisting he's not sick, but then he puts himself to bed.  Poor little guy!

I love how Landon likes to make little things from stuff around the house.  His favorite is to look up "how to" videos on U-tube and make paper airplanes.  This is a crossbow.  I was going to crop this picture of Landon but then I noticed the glimpse of Austin in the background, laughing.  I kind of love it! 

He bought this foam airplane with his allowance.  It lasted a couple hours before it was torn apart.... 

Today we painted her nails - for the first time!  Safe to say, she LOVED it!

She got Isaac's fever.  I'm enjoying the snuggles.

Don't tell her that the lipstick she's putting on is made of plastic ;)

...yes.  Classy and Fabulous!

Our last day for his marathon allergy shots.  We've developed a little Cafe Rio tradition.  He's a fan of the sweet pork tacos; a BIG fan!

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