Feeling Green

    There's something about green food that makes me want to take pictures.   Our St Patrick's Day was easy going and full of spring in the air:: 8:30 am church and afternoon naps, followed by games, trampoline jumping and our green feast.

{I thought I deleted these pictures! So happy I found them!} Austin and Isaac decided to make traps again this year.  Although, their plans were ingenious those naughty leprechauns got away again!  But not before leaving a few treats.  (Ella ate her entire box of tic- tacs in about 15 min.)

The boy's came in my room and woke me up to tell me the leprechauns came.  I could tell Austin was a little bummed.  He'd already been asking TONS of questions about weather the little green dudes were real.  I sent Isaac out of the room and Austin asked, "Mom, there aren't really leprechauns are there?"  It was time to make Austin a "Magic Keeper".  In our house the non-believers become "magic keepers" or "secret keepers" so they can help everyone else feel the magic of the holiday.  It's an especially important job around Christmas as we all become Santa's helpers.  Austin understood.  He looked down in thought and I was worried he was sad to know the truth.  When he looked up he said, "Mom?  Can the Easter Bunny bring me an IPOD???!!! Please?!"  ummmm, no; but nice try, Mister....

This is Isaac's little trap.  I love that kid and his enthusiasm.  He explained to me how it would work about 90 times.  He especially LOVED that "his" leprechaun's name was "Stinky McFee".  He laughed about that all day.  

I love these little traditions that create fun memories for my little family.   

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Colleen said...

You always do such a great job with holidays! What fun memories you are making for your family. :)