Easter Memories

The Dying of the Eggs

The Fun of Having Grandparents Here

 The Boy with the 102* Fever; Too Sick to Enjoy It  

The Resurrection Rolls and the Telling of the Easter Story as they're Prepared & The Boy That Couldn't Quite Believe the Marshmallows Just Disappeared All On their Own.  {He thought for sure I took them out while they were cooking - it opened up another great conversation about the Resurrection} 

The Attempt to Keep the Focus on the Real Reason We Celebrate Easter

The After-Church Egg Hunting MC'd by Grandpa

The Cuteness of Her Pink Fingernails

The Enthusiasm of the Egg Hunter Extraordinaire  - He Took Full Advantage of His Brother's lack of Enthusiasm Toward Jelly Bean Filled Eggs 

The Attempt to Take a "Frameable" Picture of Four Smiling Kids in their Coordinating Easter Sunday Clothes 


Jenn S said...

I think you got a framable picture...your kids are adorable and perfect! Their little personalities shine in every shot!!! Darling!

Colleen said...

Those pictures are totally frameable! What a great Easter! I love the poem.