May Clean-Up

It's been a busy month!  We got to visit with Grandma and Grandpa Smedley at the beginning of the month and Grandma and Grandpa Perigo at the the end of the month.  Lots of visitors, field trips, sports, and fun

Everyone's favorite Aunt: Alina

~don't get between a girl and her doughnut~

Isaac is a little ball-hog (in a GOOD way!)

Landon cooked his first meal -  he's on breakfast duty from now on! ;)

Passing time during soccer practice

After-bath-time Dancing Queen

Women's Conference was a great get-away, reminder, and motivator

Isaac drew this picture of Grandma Smedley.  She's wearing her "favorite green shirt", he says.  

Making friends at baseball practice.  I love how she can make friends anywhere!

Backyard Family Football game

A week's worth of treasures from 3 boy's pockets

Austin held my hand when I went to school with him!  Mother heart = happy

Grandpa and Isaac (Grandpa's namesake) started calling themselves the 'Creighton Observatory Team'.  The 'COT' has comforted Isaac many times when he's felt left out.

The boys take turns sleeping at Grandma's and Grandpa's motor home.

The favorite game-player is hands-down, Grandma Perigo

I got to go on a field trip with Landon!  So fun.  I think it may be the last time I can go with him, because, well, do they have field trips in Middle School?  Furthermore, will he want me there in Middle School?!  I'm treasuring this day with growing-up boy.

Austin's 2nd grade field trip.  We had a lot of fun!  I love how he hung out with his friends but he came and "checked up" on me through out the day.

A fun afternoon in an abandoned, old mining town.  The cloudy, foggy weather added to the mystique.

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