Adventures of the FIRST DAY

I couldn't be any more PROUD of Landon. He was SO excited to go to school and ride the bus. There was a LOT of confusion with the buses (the school kept telling me to call Clear Creek transportation and they kept telling me to call the school) - we didn't even know exactly where our bus stop would be. At 7:30 this morning we started walking down the block to see if we could see any kids. Turns out there is one 1st grader on his bus and the rest are all older than 4th grade (the bus drops off the middle school and high school kids too). You have NO idea how I wanted to beg him to let me just drive. I didn't want to make him afraid of school so I held back the tears and wished him luck. He got on the bus without either of us knowing how he was going to find his classroom and teacher. All I could do was say a prayer and fight the urge to follow the bus to the school. (I finally had to call the school at 8:45, though, to make sure he got there safe. I didn't know how hard it would be for me to see him get on a bus full of BIG kids). I told him to just follow the bigger kids into the school and then ask a teacher where his class room was.
When he got home he told me he was "a little afraid" so he did what I said but when he found a teacher he couldn't talk so he just handed her a note I had put in his backpack, just in case. It had his name, his teachers name and his phone number on it. The teacher read it and took him right to his class.
I'm just so proud of him because he was REALLY BRAVE. He didn't know anyone and he got himself to a teacher so he could find his class. He came home happy and tired. He told us all about the playground (where he and his "new friends" chased each other), the "yucky" watermelon (he "didn't get in trouble for throwing away") for lunch, the library (that had a lion made out of books in it), and the thing he was happiest about: "my teacher likes me the best!"


Kasey said...

Go Landon! That is brave...of both of you! I followed Kaden to school and he's just a couple miles away. Good idea to put the note in his backpack. Glad he had a good first day!

{say.cheese} said...

K. I must be SUPER emotional or SOMTHING.
I'm crying at all these 1st day of school posts!
Aspen goes next year. I think that might be why... just a thought~

I can't believe you stayed so brave and didn't cry in front of him. (even preggo... I would have cried Pregnancy makes me even MORE teary!) You are supermom!

kendra said...

Jessie - You have NO idea how hard it was. But today has been a little celebration. It's been fun to spend the day with Austin.

RochelleY said...

Kendra--What a good mom you are to send a note with him so he could find the class ok! I'm all torn up just thinking about sending my YOUNGEST to Kindergarden next year! You look cute preggers by the way! ~Rochelle

Andrea said...

Yay Landon! He looks so cute in his backpack, and I am glad he was so brave. And you were brave too, Kendra!

The Reeve Family said...

Kendra, That is hilarious! I What a brave boy, that must have been so scary for him! He looks SO grown up. What a cutie!