The Wedding

My new Sister-in-Law with her NEPHEW not her son - she is wearing white of course!!
Cameron and Alina - Alina said this was the best thing about the wedding, dancing with Cameron. Looks like Cam liked it too!
Family Picture: Where are we looking and why am I slouching?
Jared and Kendra - Yes it's been a long day. Alina looks like she could use a nap too
Da boys - my kids LOVE their Uncle Jared - They really thought they could talk him into taking them on his honeymoon with him - Um, not a chance!

The reason we drove 1100 miles TWICE in 5 days. This is a tribute to how much we love my brother. How could you not love the guy? Although, it was definitely the worse drive I've made in my existence it was WORTH IT! Stephanie is great and I'm glad she's in the fam. The wedding was totally laid back and so much fun. I loved seeing all my family and friends. These pictures do not do it justice. We must have been all pictured out by the time my camera got a glimpse of anyone. It was still awesome.


Sarah said...

Hey Kendra,
Way cute blog. You look so pretty with dark hair...did you just change it? Maybe it's just because I haven't seen you FOREVER! Well cute blog and I'm glad you found mine. See ya

Kasey said...

How fun to see pictures of SOME of your family! Where'd your brother go on his honeymoon?
Glad you had a good time and that you have a new sister (in-law)!