Pregnancy Update

Well... we may have that 5th little Perigo sometime soon (A girl can hope right?!). Today my doctor decided that next Thursday she is going to try to turn the baby - Yep, it's breach. So two doctors will manually try and turn the kid around from outside my belly. There is a 60% chance that it will work fine and have no complications. In that case they will just let me go into labor whenever my body will do it. The other 40% chance is that either my water will break and they'll do a C-section, or the baby will go into distress and they'll do a C-section, or the baby wont turn and they'll do a C-section or the baby will turn and then turn back and, you guessed it, they'll do a C-section. As I've told anyone that will listen - I DON'T WANT A C-SECTION - I'm really banking on the 60% chance the doctors will turn it and everything will be fine. Most likely I wont be having the baby on Thursday but just in case here's a heads up.


Veronica Reeve said...

The night before I went in to get started with Sophie, she turned. I could totally tell, it was the biggest alien-ish baby movement I had ever seen. The next day she was breach. Stubborn little girl! The doctor had to turn the baby. Let me just say, that if I didn't have an epidural (I was giggling the whole time, it was like a tummy massage) it would have been painful! GOOD LUCK!! We'll be crossing our fingers!

Andrea said...

Oh Kendra, I will cross my fingers and say lots of prayers that Perigo #5 cooperates and turns for you! Let us know if you need any help with Landon and Austin- we are happy to help any way we can!

Sarah said...

Good Luck Kendra. I hope you don't end up w/ any of the 40% options. I hope it's a girl..but boys are good too.

Coby and Brandy Jones Family said...

I'll be praying for you, cuz I heard it hurts like crazy, like you've been beaten up... so maybe we can hope for a miracle and he'll/she'll turn on their own~!
Take care of yourself!

Kasey said...

Yikes! I hope it all goes well. I have heard that a c-section isn't all that bad though. My sis-in-law has had one with both of her kids and wouldn't do it any other way.
But, I hope things end up the way YOU want them too.

RochelleY said...

Good luck with everything. It's always hard when there's the possibility that things will go differently than you have planned! I had a c-section, not too bad, but it wasn't what I'd planned either! Good luck, Rochelle