The big 03 - can you say SPOILED

So Cute!!

Cameron reading Austin's Scooby Doo card from Grandma and Grandpa Perigo (you should hear Cam's impression of Scooby Doo - it's pretty good!)

Austin got two Spider Man costumes and a pair of jammies for his B-day. Now him and Landon take turns being the "good" Spiderman and the "bad" Spiderman
Austin pretends he's Spiderman all the time - yes even in his sleep I've heard him say, "no, I'm Spiderman".

Spiderman Jammies from Grandma and Grandpa and a bike from Dad - what more could a kid want?

Austin's non-dairy cake in the back of the van - we had to keep the wind away from the candles

Austin has been planing this year's birthday party since May, when Landon had his. I sort of hoped he'd forget but he didn't. Every day for the last two weeks he asked, "is it my party yet?" So Friday he took banana bread muffins to preschool for his birthday "cake". We had spaghetti with sausage for dinner and he opened his presents from Grandma Perigo. She knows how to spoil a kid that's for sure! He was thrilled! I also gave him a couple things from his "wish list" and then Cameron decided to buy him a new bike on the way home. He LOVED it.

That was all before his party on Saturday. We invited a lot of the three year olds he plays with (I didn't want the older kids to be bored with the games so it was a party for threes only!) He wanted a Hot Wheels (go figure - is obsession with cars genetic?) party. We had a Hot Wheels coloring page, Hot Wheels car races, an obstacle course, and a "name that car part" game. The kids were awesome. They all took turns and were on their best behavior - easiest party I've ever done. Austin loved it. Every time he opened a present he said, "wow, thanks mom!" He loved everything he got. He was thrilled when he saw his cake. It's the first non-dairy cake he's ever had, actually decorated. I didn't think it was too pretty but he loved it. Austin was so happy with his party. He said everyone that came was his best friend.


Brandy & Coby and Boyz said...

This all looks so fun! I was giggling at your little boys' comments!
What a fun birthday.
Oh, and the back of your van is soooo clean... man, how do ya do it?

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday to Austin! It does look like he had a fabulous time. Nice work on that cake!

Kasey said...

Happy Birthday Austin! Looks like a fun party.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Austin! What a fun day you planned for him Kendra. Look at you...what a great mom you are.

thecherries said...

Jace had a great time...looks like Austin and Jace are two peas in a pod with Spiderman and cars. Gotta love boys! You are such a fun mom!!!