I heart Fall


One of the reasons I love fall is because seeing pumpkins around reminds me that this is the beginning of the holiday season.


I'm happy that school is in full swing. I volunteer at Landon's school twice a month and it is so fun to see him in his element. He's like a little man. {Landon was most happy on Field Day that his class got to wear blue shirts and not purple or orange like the other classes!}


Hats! I love when it's not cold enough for coats but perfect for a hat to take that little chill off.


I love this time of year because the food is so yummy. We love pumpkin EVERYTHING! We also love all the soups. Something warm in the oven just makes the house feel cozy.


This is the perfect time of year to spend weekends with the family. The leaves are changing and the crowds have died down. We love hiking, driving through the mountains, just playing outside.


Apple picking is a tradition for us. This year the "local" orchard had a late freeze an lost all their apples. So we opted for berry picking instead. One great thing about Happy Apple Orchard is there apple-smoked bbq brisket sandwiches - YUMMM! (I know, again with the food but this is the only time of year we get so...)


This is the view of Royal Gorge. When we got there and found out we had to pay 20.00 a person to DRIVE over the bridge we decided to spend the money on a train ride over instead. We haven't had the time to do it yet but we will. This is the perfect time of year because the mountains really are beautiful right now. The kids can't wait to drive over the "big big bridge" on a train.


Steph said...

Way cute pictures! And my favorite thing of this season is also the food. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are definitely in my top 3 favorites. Yum!

Andrea said...

Oh- this makes me miss CO so much! It looks like you guys are having so much fun- and it also looks like you are putting the new camera to good use!

shauntelle said...

that flower centerpiece by the cookies looks familiar. did you go right out and make one after i left? :)

Kasey said...

I love fall too! It is such a fun time of year. Love all your pictures. The one of you and Isaac is sooooo cute of both of you.

Did you MAKE that flower centerpiece? So cute!

Mcewen Family said...

Hey, I need a good pumpkin cookie recipe so if you dont mind sharing yours then that would be great. So in other word's can I get your recipe???