S N O W day

Mountain Home has some funny traditions: February 6 is "Mountain Home Snow Day". The schools are closed and the base shuts down. Everyone is supposed to go out and enjoy the snow.

Funny thing is - there isn't any snow that sticks around here. You have to drive into the mountains to find the snow. We live about 45 minutes away from some pretty mountains and and a resevoir. Really, so much prettier than Mountain Home {or, Saudi Arabia, as we call it}.

Anyway, Cameron got an extra day on paternity leave since "Snow Day" was the day he was supposed to go back. So we took the kids up to the mountains with the snowmobile.

{Two babies were admitted to the hospital the day we left with Ella. Our pediatrician gave us a pretty stern warning about RSV and flu this year. We're not supposed to take Ella out in public places for 6-8 weeks. (I think it's mostly because the emergency facilities here are not the best and no one wants to life flight a baby to Boise) So, anyway, I'd only left the house once or twice since I'd been home from the hospital so I went along for the ride.}
It was fun seeing the boys have such a great time with their Dad, especially Landon. Isaac hung out with me and Ella in the truck most of the time and he was still happy and having fun. That kid can't get enough of "The Wheels on the Bus". Austin has fun pretty much no matter what he's doing and his last "wish upon a star" was for snow. So it wasn't surprising that he had a grin from ear to ear the entire day.


Jenn S said...

Great great pictures. The boys look like they had a blast! I want your snowmobile...and your truck. That will be our first purchase after our fellowship in NC. We miss having a truck!

Miss Ella is just precious. Seriously, so beautiful and I can just hear the delight in your voice when you talk about her! You guys sound so happy (well, except for being in Mtn. Home). Just think, it could be worse....you could be in Iowa! hee, hee

Colleen said...

What a fun day! I can only imagine the heaven your boys were in, snow AND power vehicles! Glad you had a chance to leave the house too! Saudi Arabia...ha ha ha!

[S Rizzle] said...

I want a snowmobile, and so do my kids!!!