..T O D A Y..

.. Ella is 2 weeks (and 1 day) old ..
.. her nose is still squished but not as flat - if it doesn't go back to normal she's going to HATE it when she's older. for now it's a battle scar of birth that I think is pretty cute ..
.. she weighs 7 lbs and 7 oz and grew an inch since she was born ..
.. I got up and got Landon to school on time after only 6 hours of VERY interupted sleep - her days and nights are still mixed up ..
.. I made it to Ella's two week check up barely on time ..
.. Isaac and Austin look like little rag-muffins (wild hair, messy faces, breakfast on their shirts) ..
.. Austin is wearing pants that are NOT too short for him - I finally got the next size bigger of jeans out for him ..
.. my wedding ring finally fits me again ..
.. I let the kids ride bikes for a half hour after lunch .. (see how neglected they look?! Zac's boots are even on the wrong feet - I have NO idea where his shoes are)
.. Isaac told me, no screamed at me, "I don't want - MOMEE. ANY MORE!" when I made him come in for his nap ..
.. the breakfast and lunch dishes are still in the sink..
.. I've changed 7 diapers ..
.. my neighbor brought over banana bread ..
.. I ate a piece and a handful of tortilla chips (and a resse's when Austin was out of sight) for lunch ..
.. I still haven't returned the phone calls of some of my friends that've been calling to check on me ..
.. Austin wanted to hold Ella - he is a GREAT baby sitter. Austin, especially loves her ..
.. Austin ate half a bag of pretzels and a poptart for his "snack" while I was feeding Ella (the crumbs are still all over the kitchen) ..
.. I'm going to do a load of laundry ..
.. Landon is going to do homework after school and then, I'm going to help him finish sewing the hole in his sock back together. He's been asking to learn how to sew, so a holey sock seemed like a good way to start ..
.. I'm going to get the dishes done ..
.. bed for all of us at 8:00 - I hope ..
The {NEW} Normal is not glamorous, by any means. Lots of craziness with a few small victories (Zac didn't yell at me or try to hit me when we had to leave this morning) and some "tender mercies" thrown in. Life's not easy but it is really, really good.


Jared said...

Kendra, Ella is beautiful! I can't believe how much she's changed in just one week! I'm sad we haven't seen her in person yet, one of these days we'll make it up there to see you guys... did I tell you already that I think you're Super Mom? :)

Jared said...

(This is Steph by the way, I was still in Jared's googale account apparently. Love ya!)

Colleen said...

Ella is so darling! I know these first weeks are so sweet but so crazy too. I am glad you are taking them together in stride. Give me a call when you are up to it (it might be weeks, it was for me!). I can't wait to hear how having a "her" is!

Amanda said...

hey! the fact that you can find the time (and the words) to put this post together says a ton!! You're doing GREAT! and I forgive you for not calling me back... hahaha...
Call me if ya need anything... come let isaac yell at me :)

runningfan said...

Hang in there! I love your posts...and I'm totally impressed at your daily re-cap. Eight months in, that's pretty much how my days go!

Brandy and Boyz said...

Oh, I so remember the two week mark, it sounds just like yours! It brought tears to my eyes thinking about it. Everyday weighs down, but everyday brings one or maybe two of those little victories. Congrats Kendra, your little girl is soooo beutiful! I am so euphoric thinking we are going through the same pattern... just know, I want to call you. I want to eat ice cream with you and chase our boys around while they get it all over their shirts and drip it on our baby girls while they are saying hi to her over her carseat or bouncy chair, and I want to go to the park and let these boys all get to know each other... and I want to snuggle my little Ella. Miss you guys! Love you.

my4suns2 said...

Hey, all us moms totally understand where you are at. It's good you are so positive and no worries, your kids will survive! I think Zac and Jacob are two peas in a pod! Miss you all soo much!