Landon { N O W }

age: 7
nicknames: Land-o, Landondo
loves: school. star wars. reading. sports. dessert. Phineas and Ferb. playing with friends. legos. building things with stuff from the recycling. mom! snap circuits. riding his bike. going to church. wii. DS. running/wrestling/playing with Dad. movies. home lunch - NOT school lunch. getting notes from me. things to be whatever his idea of "perfect" is.
what i love about Landon: he has so much energy. he can be SO SO helpful (when he wants to!). he loves having a schedule - he'd THRIVE on a written check list for every minute of the day. he is always telling me how much he loves me. he has a great imagination. he can remember EVERYTHING he reads. he (usually) will share anything with Isaac. he always wants to be "having fun" - he's learning how to make his own "fun". still loves to snuggle with me
looking forward to: scouts, getting baptised, going to Disney Land someday, becoming a Lego Designer (or astronaut) when he grows up
this is the only picture I got of Landon playing basketball this season.... uh, I know he's not even playing! this is after the game when he's fighting for Austin's raquet ball. I missed all his games this season because I was in the hospital or home with Ella. This last game I REALLY tried to make it: long story short - feeding Ella, told the boys I'd meet them there, couldn't find the keys to the truck, Cameron came to get me, we got back in time to see Landon getting his after game snack!

Landon's room - he cut apart his Lego magazines and Star Wars Lego boxes and taped them all around his room.

This kid is pretty easy to motivate. Cameron made a deal with Landon that when he passed off his "50 in 0ne" (50 math problems in one minute - memorizing addition and subtraction 1-18) we'd take him to get a shake. We (mostly Cameron) worked on it with him (a little) over the weekend and he passed it off on Monday. I got to take him to get his shake. So fun - I learned all about sand droids, friends, and other random information stored in his head. I love that one-on-one time with him.

He LOVES to be organized. Even when he unloads the dishwasher he puts everything away in perfect order. Last time he cleaned his room he was in there FOREVER. When I went to check on him I found the reason - organizing his lego guys, complete with labeled bags for each type of guy.

Landon has a hard time focusing sometimes. (we often find him sitting in his underwear, "sidetracked" from taking his shower!) We have a pretty tight after school schedule for this reason. I have to be around to help/remind/nag him to do his homework and chores.


my4suns2 said...

Wow, he sound like every mom's dream! Wish some of that organization had rubbed off on Dallin! What a great kid!

Colleen said...

That Landon is one in a million! He definitely has some traits I'd love to see my kids take on...what's organization?!