Austin is 5

August 24 Austin had his 5th birthday

Austin spent the summer planning his birthday party in Utah. He wanted to spend the day with all his grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, the people he cares most about in the world. The Saturday before his birthday we decided,"what the heck, lets do it." After all Austin's never had a birthday any of our extended family could participate in. So we left late Saturday afternoon, wondering if we were crazy because Landon's first day of school was Monday and we'd have to leave Ogden around 5:00 to get Landon to bed at a semi-decent hour. It was worth the drive and worth the rush to get ready. We all had a great time but Austin, especially was the "happiest boy in the world".
My cousin Kelcee turned 13 on the 25th so her and Austin shared the party at Grandma Meier's house. All the people Austin wanted were there except Cameron's siblings and their kids. Austin missed them but because our party was last minute and we totally overcrowded Grandma's house we had to carry on without them (luckily we had just seen them at Lava the weekend before).
Austin asked for a pizza cake. I'm pretty sure now that he wanted an actual pizza, but I got creative and made this sugar cookie and fruit pizza. It was okay, but I agree with Austin; real pizza is better.

Austin was so so happy. He LOVED all his presents. And he loved playing in Grandma's back yard with his cousins and Alina (on my side they're really his 2nd cousins and aunt but they're so close in age and they all get along so well that we don't worry about the "details").

And this is how he spent a lot of the drive home. Having fun is exhausting! (for the parents too - believe me!)

Monday night (his actual birthday) we finally got Austin his "real" pizza. Him and Landon loved making their own pizzas. Landon said that they tasted as good as California Kitchen Pizza. Umm... mine didn't, dang it!

Aust loved his presents from us too. He got a Monster Building machine that he's been begging for. We also got him his own CD player and some KIDZ Bop CD's and books on CD. At first he wasn't too sure about the CD player. He looked at it and said, "that's not that cool." But after we turned on the CD's he said, "I love this and it's mine so I can turn it up as loud as I want!" (I'm a little nervous for the teenage years after that comment.)

I love Austin-Boy so much. He is just a great kid, all around. Here's some of my favorite things about his personality:
His determination. When this kid declares he's going to do something there is just no stopping him. A skill that will suit him well throughout his life. Even if now it can be a little frustrating for Cameron and I. Austin's been wanting to get up these bike ramps forever and finally the last time we were there he made it.

Austin gets so excited about the most simple things. Here he is laughing that the soap at the car wash is yellow. How can you not get excited about yellow soap when you see this face?

He is a very caring, loving, good brother. One of his favorite things to do every morning is get Isaac out of bed. In fact, Isaac won't get out of his crib sometimes unless Austin helps him. Austin loves to play with Landon. He gets heartbroken when Landon wants "alone time". He waits for Landon all day long during school and can't wait to play with him. A conversation:
Landon: Austin, come on Bro lets wash our hands
Austin: Okay, I'm gonna do it like you
Landon: You don't have to do it like me, Austin
Austin: Landon, I want to. I'm trying to be just like you but it's hard because when we go to McDonalds you get mustard and I don't like it.
His enthusiam is contagious. Austin has the ability to make everyone around him happy and excited. You just can't be in a bad mood when Austin's around (unless he's screaming but we're working on that one). He also has a strong ability to show you how much he cares about you. An example: My mom came last weekend and could only stay one night. Austin knew she didn't sleep well so in an attempt to get her to stay he said, "Grandma if you sleep here again you can have my pillow. I'll just sleep on my bed because it's okay for me. My pillow's really comfortable. You can stay for only one more night. Okay?"
Austin is just an easy going, fun-loving kid. I sometimes get a glimpse of what he'll be like when he's older. I can imagine him having lots of friends and shaking me and laughing when he comes home from college, not being able to wait to tell me about whatever's going on. I can imagine him with all sorts of broken bones from doing who knows what extreme sports. I can't wait to watch him grow up but I hope he never does. I am the luckiest mom in the world to have this kid!


runningfan said...

He is adorable. And your fabulous photos make him even cuter! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry I missed Issac's birthday. I am still a little haunted about his definate worry with Landon about me leaving. Love all 3 boys and wish I could have had some birthday time with Isaac. Mom

Colleen said...

Hooray! We love Austin! He's such a great kid, and I am so glad he had a VERY happy birthday. Josh still says, "I wish Austin were here so we could go to preschool together and have after-school playdates."

shaina said...

I'm glad he got his birthday wish!! What a great weekend for him.

Maynards said...

What a stud! Glad he had a great Birthday. You are a great mom.

Robs said...

Happy Birthday Austin! I cannot believe he's 5. I think the fruit pizza looks delish!

Kasey said...

He is so cute! What a fun post. Can't believe he is five! I love his mustard convo with Landon...hilarious! And way to go with the pizza cake. It looks awesome!

my4suns2 said...

What amazing pictures! We sure miss that cute kid! Jacob is looking at your page wondering if he can play with Isaac. Dang. Miss you!

Trinette McCrary said...

Cute Buddy!! They grow up way too fast. Thanks for the yummy recipes from your earlier post.