Isaac's Turn to Parrr-tay...

He's two. Nothing terrible about it.
After this cute picture we decided it was about time for Isaac's first hair cut. So we set up the "salon" and spent a couple hours cutting four boys' hair.

After all the fanfare about how fun it is to get a hair cut, Isaac discovered the wicked truth. Sitting still while sharp instruments are aimed at your head is not really that fun. Thanks to Cameron, Zac's very first hair cut was a success. {Don't worry, I cut Cameron's hair next. His to-the-skin marines haircut finally grew out so we cleaned it all up.}

We went to church and then came home for naps. Ahhh.... Sunday naps - a MUST at this house. After nap time we spent some time in the backyard. The older boys made up a game they called "net ball". Zac just puttered around with the frisbee and football, two of his favorite outside toys.

After one of his favorite dinners: "oodles" (spaghetti), it was time for CAKE!

{excuse the yellow cast - I forgot to set my white balance. If anyone wants to email me directions to correct white balance on photoshop that would be awesome. I have to remember to check that when I'm in my kitchen}
Isaac didn't get quite as excited this year as he did last year {remember the video of him SHAKING with excitement while we sang Happy Birthday}. But he still loved hearing his birthday song. He especially loved blowing out his candles.
Time for presents. We went to Toys R Us the day before and Landon and Austin helped picked out Zac's presents {and they especially had fun being sneaky so Isaac didn't see what we were buying}. He got a shape sorter gas pump that has all the extras a two-year old could want. Isaac loved it.

He also got a shopping cart full of plastic food. Cameron was a little nervous about getting him a "girl toy". I said, "YOU push a cart in the grocery store, don't you?" Isaac loves pushing toys around and putting toys in different places so I knew he would love it. Besides, the box showed a blue cart with a boy pushing it. Cameron about died when we pulled it out of the box and found a PURPLE cart! But I won when we saw how much Isaac loved it.

Here he is "kissing" one of his new plastic dinosaurs the big boys picked out for him.

And proof. He LOVES the grocery cart. Happy Happy Birthday (and a point for me!)
At 2:
Isaac Loves:
*Nanun (Landon) and Aunin (Austin)
*his beebee (blanket)
*to wave "hi" and "bye, byeeee" to strangers we see, especially while shopping. He waves and screams until they acknowledge him or I get him away from them.
*almost any food
*to race: as in, "race me to your room." or "race me to your shoes."
*to do things by himself
*to hide things we need in random, unlikely places - keys, cell phone, TV remote - his favorite hiding places are the pantry, his toy box, and a shelf in the kitchen he's decided is "his".
*following the big boys around
*going to "Nanun's scoo" to pick up or drop off Landon
*riding his bike - he learned how to pedal about a month ago
*closing and opening our van doors - "push it? dat door" - He could push the buttons all day long
*when "Daddeee" comes home
*to go anywhere, especially if he can ride in "daddee's car"
*to dance
*McDonald's cheeseburgers, without pickles: when we pass a McDonalds I hear "hambager and cheeze? pleeese??" from the back seat.
*juice - he asks for it all day long, Dad the dentist says 4 oz a day only with a meal, so Isaac and I tend to have a daily juice battle
*going to bed, especially at nap time, unless he thinks he's missing out on something fun
*Barney and Mickey Mouse
*singing songs: he sings, "I wuv ooo. I wuv ooo. hapy fammee." (over and over to the Barney song tune) and "star, star, star, star." (over and over again to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
*snuggling when he's tired or sad. He says, "hold ooo? get cozy?" meaning hold him and wrap his blanket around him so he's "cozy".

Isaac catch phrases:
*"I do it!"
*"dum on, Duys." (Come on, guys)
*"no" meaning no and YES. We have to decipher what he means by the tone he says it in.
*"nother one" meaning either another of something he's finished or he wants a different one. He usually wants a different cup (he's realizing that he's the only one with a "sippy" and wants a regular cup but...I'm not ready to completely give up the sippy.)
*"need dink....baaad" this one he learned from Austin. Any time he wants a drink it's such an emergency!
*"baaaa" as in the sound the sheep makes. He loves to say it. Every time he sees an animal, real or in a book, he says the animal's name, and sound, and then starts in on the "baaa-ing". ("a hoise (horse)! Niegh Nigh. Baaa!!!! ha ha ha") He "baaaa"s in the car too and then laughs at himself.
*"wuv oo mommee" this one is my favorite and he says it a lot. He also says it to Cameron and all his stuffed animals.


Ryan & Shambray said...

He is so stinkin cute!

runningfan said...

Happy birthday to Isaac!

Jessie said...

look at him. he is a little STUD!
I'm loving reading all about what you've been up to.
WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO SLC again? We need to catch up. I miss you... my friend!

Colleen said...

Awww, I love that boy! He looks great with his new 'do. And the grocery cart is defintiely cool, even if it's purple. He is sure a sweetie pie! My favorite? "Dum on, Duys." So darn cute!

Life at The Hadenfeldt's said...

I love his haircut! He's such a cutie. Shopping carts are the best too bad we couldn't get one like the Iowa Children' s Museum's, they are the best!

Jenn S said...

He is so cute. Love all those pictures of him! It was very fun to read about his likes too! Can't believe he is 2 already!!!!

Maynards said...

Oh man, he is changing so much already. His hair sure looks cute!

Trinette McCrary said...

Love the hair, happy birthday!

Hillary said...

What a cutie! He is getting so big. Great pictures, even the yellow ones!

my4suns2 said...

That went so fast! I can't believe how much he is talking. What a cutie!