small Town Fun

First things first.... It HAD to be done.... It did... It really did.... Didn't it? Remember in my last post I said I did "four boys' haircuts"? Well, three of the four look pretty much the same but I shed tears on this hair cut. I really did. {Don't get mad, ok Mom?!}
I didn't want to do it, but I finally gave in. Most mornings for the past couple months Austin's been in tears when we do his hair because he "want[s] to look like Landon and Daddy." I started pointing out how cool it is to have long hair. When we watched TV I pointed out Zach Efron, Zach and Cody, and geesh even Phineas and Ferb and Shaggy from Scooby Doo have long hair. That worked for a while but then he thought of another argument: they all have long hair but none of them have long curly hair. So when it was haircut time, I surrendered. And litterally I cried. I almost stopped after the first line the buzzer made. I had to finish, though, because that would have just been mean. So... the big unveiling...

He still looks pretty dang cute. A little older too. And I love this picture because it just shows how "all boy" he really is. From the glimpse of the "tat" on his arm to his bike to the shirt he's worn for two days to the cocky smile. That is pure Austin.
And... on to Corn "Shuckeling" as the kids called it. This weekend was Air Force Appreciation Day in Mountain Home and the city pulled out all the stops a tiny town has to offer. This place reminds me a lot of Iowa City sometimes, but on a much smaller scale.
This picture shows just how different each of my kids is. Zac: annoyed that the corn isn't doing what he wants it too. Austin: having fun doing anything. Landon: takes every task SO seriously and wants to be the best at everything.

After the corn "shuckeling" we watched Cameron take off for the five mile race. He came in second in his age group.

The next day was the BIG parade. And really it was big. 2 and 1/2 hours long to be exact. Luckily, we went with friends so chatting helped pass the time. Isaac was only interested in one thing: "andy!!!" Each time a "float" {can you count a car with a sign on it as a float?} went by and threw out any candy Isaac grabbed one piece and savored every lick of it. The other two kiddos loved the candy too, of course, but they also ran around with their friends and chased each other and occasionly watched the parade for a while.

Apparently, all that corn we husked the night before was part of a big BBQ after the parade but we didn't stay. We went to another friend's house for our own BBQ and some good ol' BYU football. That's as good as it gets in our Home Sweet Mountain Home! {it is slowly growing on me... if I could just get used to a few certain things it wouldn't be bad at all}


Hillary said...

I totally love his new look! Tragic for Mom, but really it is great! What a great weekend. Looks like you can have fun, even if you live in Mountain Home, ID. Oh wait, I live in Louisiana, so anything looks like fun to me!

Colleen said...

He does look so much older! But I know that's hard. We felt the same way when we cut off Josh's curls! I am glad you guys are settling in there, even if it would be WAY better to have you here, you've got to get settled sometime, and I have to accept that. :)

Kasey said...

Wow, he does look older. I think he looks great with his hair both ways but I don't blame you for shedding some tears while doing it. What a nice mom to do it for him!
And I cant believe that parade was 2 1/2 hours long. Are you kidding me?

momsmed said...

Did you mean Mom as is grandma? Noooo, okay, I'll have to admit, the only reason I cut off Jared's curly hair is because people stopped to tell me what a beautiful little girl I had. I guess you really didn't have to have wait for that one.

Andrea said...

Oh, I would have cried too! He looks super cute with his new-do though. Glad Mt. Home is growing on you- thank goodness for internet shopping, right?! Thinking of you today!